Guild of Guardians NFT Founder Sale — TL;DR Summary

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3 min readMay 17, 2021


This article serves as a quick summary of the Guild of Guardians founder sale.

What is available for purchase?

1 — HEROES (Full details here)

  • There are three types of summons in the NFT Founder Sale: Legendary (up to $250USD), Epic (up to $55USD) and Rare (up to $12.50USD).
  • Each summon gets you ONE (1) RANDOM hero of at least the same rarity, with a small chance of getting a higher rarity hero
  • Supply will be capped and NFTs are never available again
  • Each hero has a chance of being a special edition, which is a unique cosmetic skin of that hero. Includes a 1 of 1 Mythic edition!

2 — GUILDS (Full details here)

  • What’s unique about Guild of Guardians is that the only way to earn certain NFTs are to play together and craft (or battle) as a Guild.
  • Guild Leaders not only lead their team, but also are rewarded with a % of all crafting sales made by that Guild when items are (automatically) sold.
  • In order to become a Guild Leader you must own a Guild token, which can be bought as part of the founder sale.
  • There are four tiers of Guilds, with higher tiers allowing for more guild members, and a higher % of crafting sales to the guild leader.

3 — PETS & ENERGY BOOSTERS (Full details here)

  • Pets can be equipped into battle to provide unique boosts to your dungeon rewards, such as bonus drops or higher probabilities of good loot.
  • Pet Summons cost $75 USD and they let you summon ONE (1) random pet, with 4 different rarity possibilities
  • Doing dungeon runs in Guild of Guardians cost “energy”. But using the same hero too much means they get fatigued, requiring more ‘energy’ per run. Energy Boosters allow players to do extra dungeon runs each day at zero fatigue, meaning you can level your favourite heroes faster.
  • Energy boosters cost $150 USD and will be the same for each purchase

What else do I need to know?

Early bird discount

  • Purchases will automatically receive a discount of 20% for early-bird purchasing. This decreases with each subsequence purchase.


  • The date of Wave one of the NFT drop has not been announced yet. Join Discord and Twitter to be the first to be notified!



  • Purchases occur on our website, with payments in ETH. We will drop a ‘how-to-buy’ guide closer to the date.
  • To minimise gas fees there is a ‘shopping cart’ system — meaning there is only one gas cost per bundle of items.

Referral program

  • Users can generate and share a unique link to earn rewards. Anyone who buys using your link gets 5% off, and you earn 5% of what they spend.


  • After purchasing these NFTs will not be immediately available.
  • Instead, we will be minting at a later date into Immutable X so that there can be gas-free trading. No timeline but this is important to us.


  • NFT supply is hard-capped. We will reserve the right to mint 10% additional supply for future giveaways

Do you want to get involved?

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