Collect-to-Earn: Gems for Founder NFT purchase milestones

IMPORTANT: No Gems have been minted yet. Do NOT attempt to buy anything marketed as Guild of Guardian Gems until an official announcement has been made.


Initial Gem Distribution

The reason we are doing this is to give a reward to our early backers as they play in a core part of the game — collecting heroes. Eventually, these Gems will also be able to used as a voting mechanism for important game decisions.

We will likely never do a collect-to-earn Gem reward ever again, so this is your best chance to get involved with the project.

How it works

  1. Anyone can buy NFTs in our founder sale. As purchases occur, we track the total amount that has been spent on NFTs.
  2. Upon reaching each total spend milestone, we will distribute Gem rewards to everyone who contributed to that milestone.
  3. The number of Gems each buyer receives will be proportional to their spend.
  4. In order to prevent users from ‘freeloading’ and waiting until the end of each milestone to purchase, we will award slightly more Gems to those who buy earlier in each milestone and slightly less Gems to those who bought just before the milestone was hit.

Give me the numbers!

  1. $200,000–400,000 gems
  2. $500,000–500,000 gems
  3. $1,000,000–750,000 gems
  4. $1,750,000–1,100,000 gems
  5. $3,000,000–1,750,000 gems
  6. $5,000,000–2,500,000 gems
  7. $7,500,000 —3,000,000 gems
  8. $10,000,000–3,750,000 gems

Within each milestone bracket, we will be awarding 38.5% of Gems to the first third of spend, 33% to the next third and 28.5% to the final third of spend.

Example Calculation

  • You decide to buy $10,000 worth of NFTs
  • Once the $1m milestone is achieved, you get a share of 15,000 gems
  • However, your rewards are higher since you bought in the first “third” of the milestone:
  • Your % contribution to first third of milestone: $10,000 / $166,666 = 6% of gems
  • # Gems for first third of milestone: 15,000 gems x 38.5% = 5,775 gems
  • Thus you will be eligible for 6% x 5,775 Gems = 346 Gems

This will all be tracked for you on our website. Note we will not be distributing these Gems until a later, unannounced date.

That’s it! This is our way of saying thanks to early backers.

See you at the Founder Sale.


Do you want to get involved?

Join more than 130,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered:



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