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4 min readMay 3, 2021

We are announcing information on the Heroes that will be sold in the founder NFT sale.

Could you summon a Legendary Lia?

TL;DR Summary

  • You can buy three types of summons in the NFT Founder Sale: Legendary (up to $250USD), Epic (up to $55USD) and Rare (up to $12.50USD).
  • Each summon gets you ONE (1) RANDOM hero of at least the same rarity, with a small chance of getting a higher rarity hero
  • The supply of summons will be capped — exact numbers announced later
  • Each hero has a chance of being a special edition, which is a unique cosmetic skin of that hero. 3 special editions per hero, including a 1 of 1 Mythic edition!
  • For example, you could buy a rare summon and end up with a legendary, 1 of 1 mythic hero!

Detailed Information

What are Heroes?

Heroes are unique characters that players will take into Dungeons to defeat monsters and collect rewards. Heroes are defined by a few characteristics; Faction, Class, and Element. Each of these directly affects how they play in combat and the rewards a player will receive from completing a Dungeon.

Pre-alpha Gameplay Footage

How are they used/playable in game?

Heroes make up a core pillar of successful Guild of Guardians gameplay and progression. Players take ‘squads’ of Heroes dungeon diving to complete tasks, progress through the game, and earn unique items and rewards. Cooperative and Guild based game modes will also use heroes.

Types of Heroes

Heroes come in a variety of rarities, classes and factions. Rarities include: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. Classes include Mage, Ranged, and Melee. Factions include Horde, Glade and Empire.

Why buy Heroes in the Founder Sale?

Having a large roster of Heroes to draw from to face any situation is important to progressing efficiently through the game. You can kill two birds with one stone by securing that large group in our founders sale, setting you up for success, and playing your own unique part in our early growth as a project.

Founder NFT Sale Details

Hero summons will be sold in the Guild of Guardians founder sale. This grants you one random hero.

1. Legendary Hero Summon

  • Price: $250 USD ($200 with early bird discount)
  • Probabilities: 100% chance get Legendary
  • # Unique legendary heroes: 8
  • # Legendary summons available: TBC

2. Epic Hero Summon

  • Price: $55 USD ($44 with early bird discount)
  • Probabilities: 95% chance to get Epic, 5% chance to get Legendary
  • # Unique Epic heroes: 11
  • # Epic summons available: TBC

3. Rare Hero Summon

  • Price: $12.5 USD ($10 with early bird discount)
  • Probabilities: 95% chance to get Rare, 4% chance to get Epic, 1% chance to get a Legendary
  • # Unique Rare heroes: 16
  • # Rare summons available: TBC

Special Editions:

  • Heroes have a small chance of being a “Special Edition”, which is a rare, cosmetic variation of that Hero.
  • Probabilities: 10% chance of Warrior Chroma, 2% chance of Epic Chroma, and 1 of 1 Mythic Chroma available for each Hero

Serial numbers:

  • Serial numbers are not assigned upon purchase, but will be randomly assigned upon minting.
  • Earlier buyers will have a slightly higher probability of getting a lower serial number.

Other Comments:

  • There is a 20% early buyer discount which decreases as more heroes are purchased.
  • Number of summons are capped per rarity, with the exact caps to be announced later. We reserve the right to mint up to 10% of the total amount for giveaways and promotions.
  • Not all heroes in Guild of Guardians can be purchased. Some will only be able to be earned by playing the game, or participating in other activities.

Which Heroes Could I Potentially summon in this Founder Sale?

I wonder what these look like…

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