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4 min readApr 22, 2021

IMPORTANT: No Gems have been minted yet. Do not attempt to buy anything marketed as Guild of Guardian Gems until an official announcement has been made.

Guild of Guardians is partnering with Guardians Corporation, which is issuing and distributing ‘Gems’, an ERC-20 token which will be used as an in-game currency in the Guild of Guardians mobile game.

How do the Guild of Guardians Gems work?

Gems are a premium in-game currency which will be given to players for free for certain gameplay actions in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. Gems will be tradeable between players on a marketplace. Gems will be distributed to players over time. In addition, Gems may be distributed to community members for certain actions as deemed appropriate by Guardians Corporation under a reward program, for example participation in community events, grants, bonus tokens, for competitions etc.

Gems are used in Guild of Guardians when players want to perform “premium” actions that involve creating new blockchain assets. For example, as part of the cost of crafting and merging in-game items. In addition, once the game is live, 20% of the cost of any NFT assets which players buy from us will need to be paid for using Gems (we may do this on your behalf to make it frictionless). Gems used in this way will be automatically sent to a “rewards pool” and distributed back to active participants in the game.

More details of Gems will come at a later date.

How do I get Gems?

In the short term, Guardians Corporation will be giving away Gems to early backers of our game who buy NFTs in a presale. Guardians Corporation will also reserve a portion of Gems which they may sell. In the longer term, Gems will be earned for free by playing the game or as part of community rewards.

Why is the in-game currency, Gems, also a tradable token?

There are a number of reasons why Gems are designed in this manner:

  1. Giving players a tradable in-game currency as gameplay rewards will encourage player retention and unlock play-to-earn. It also allows players to access premium content; and
  2. Gems can be given to other community members (developers, content creators, etc) as an incentive to grow the game and community, which ultimately results in a better Guild of Guardians experience for all players; and
  3. Gems form a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protect against bad actors (bots!).

Guild of Guardians, through its partnership with Guardians Corporation, is super excited to be the first mobile game developer in the world to make an in-game premium currency tradeable, so Guild of Guardians players and community members can have a better gaming experience.

The (quick) technical and legal stuff:

Gems are being created, issued and distributed by Guardians Corporation for use within the Guild of Guardians mobile game while the Guild of Guardians mobile game is being developed and distributed by Leonis Pty Ltd. Other than collaborating to bring Gems into the Guild of Guardians mobile game, Guardians Corporation is not affiliated with Guild of Guardians or our related entities. Guardians Corporation have committed to bring the Gems technology to the Guild of Guardians mobile game and we are making the game compatible with the token.

Gems are not NFT’s — they are ERC-20 tokens that are tradeable on any Ethereum marketplace and neither Guardians Corporation nor Guild of Guardians have any direct control over the transfer of the Gems.

Gems should not be viewed as an investment or speculative asset. They may have value in game or for collectors over time but that value may be limited or non-existent if the Guild of Guardians mobile game lacks acceptance, use and adoption, which may have an adverse impact on the use and popularity of the Gems. If, following your own independent advice and due diligence, you do decide to hold Gems as a form of investment on a speculative basis or otherwise, or for a financial purpose, with the expectation or desire that their inherent, intrinsic or cash-equivalent value may increase with time, you assume all risks associated with such speculation or actions, and any errors associated therewith, and accept that the Gems are not being created, issued and distributed by Guardians Corporation or its affiliates for investment or speculation.

What’s next?

We tried to keep this piece brief. We will release additional information separately to dive further into the use-cases of Gems in the Guild of Guardians mobile game and why Gems are so important as the spine that helps support and scale a successful ecosystem of players.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time,

Guild of Guardians Team

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