Words from the community — ‘Why did I buy a Guild?’

There are now only 7% of total available Guilds left!

Whilst Adventurer Guilds officially sold out a couple of weeks ago — there are still Legend and Warrior Guilds (and a couple of Mythic!) available on the store page of our website.

Mystery in the darkness…

We thought it would be a good idea to do a Q&A with some members of the community who purchased Guilds (of all levels), as to why they made that purchase decision, and what they’re most looking forward to about the game.

Read their thoughts below, and see if they resonate!

Question One:

Q: What motivated you, specifically, to buy the Guild that you did?

@ dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “From my experience the best value is always the top rarity/utility item in an item’s very first drop (if you can afford it). There’s always a reason for the pricing and I trust the Guild of Guardians team’s vision on this. Perhaps there is some added benefit to being able to recruit 10 more members than the rest, who knows!”

@ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I think the game play will be really fun, at least from what I see now. I figure that since I will be devoting my time into this game, why not take the max profit out of it by being a Guild owner and enjoy an extra 5% cut of the Guild profit? At the moment legend is what I can afford — so that’s what I grabbed!”

@ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “As I understand it is pretty much a must to have/be in a guild, it’s even in the game name! 😃”

@ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “Without knowing the full details of how this would look/work out, I bought 2 Adventurers Guilds. I did this for two reasons. First, to have an understanding of how they worked for content creating purposes. The second reason being that I planned on giving them to some of my team members to run on a free-to-play basis and offer some people in the community a place to play if they were looking for a home. I have people (in my network) that are going to play exclusively free-to-play, so I can cover both aspects of the game.”

Question Two:

Q: What do you envisage Guild ownership to look like, on a day-to-day basis, once the game is live?

@ dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “There will be owners that are committed throughout each day, participating in all the activities and also other owners that take a back seat and focus more on guild communication/community etc. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.”

@ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I see myself actively participating in decisions, leading Guild members, communicating with members to exchange ideas on how we can progress better and earn more, and (possibly)! having to resolve internal and external conflicts if they arise.”

@ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I grabbed two guilds, so my vision right now is to have my Warriors Guild as a main, and my Adventurers Guild as a ‘junior’ Guild. It’d be cool to rotate people between them according to activity levels etc. Who knows right now, but maybe down the track there could be an official way to ‘tie them together’ as one corporation?!”

@ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I think if Guild of Guardians sets it up right, I imagine 3rd party apps being established, communications allowing all guild members to be involved, and methods of adding value via resources etc. to their guild for max profits/gear. I expect the “slackers” that don’t communicate to be dealt with relatively quickly. I also expect the competitions to be fierce and possibly critical to some guilds. If Guilds are not performing well, I expect attrition to be high. This is going to be very interesting how that dynamic plays out. Could there be a lot of Guild hopping? 👀

Question Three:

Q: How are YOU going to lead your Guild?

@ dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “I will be one of the owners that takes a bit of a back seat and focus more on planning and leadership. I will be focussing more closely on the economics and strategy side of things.

@ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “I will aim to group people with similar interests, do all the requisite research into the project, and use that knowledge to share information to all Guild members. Ultimately, I want to help provide a friendly and fun environment. We are only as strong as we are united!”

@ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I think I’ll be pretty hands on. I’m looking forward to the co-op element building out. I also hope there will be ‘roles’ (or equivalent) in a Guild, so others can help me run it when I want to take a more hands-off approach for extended periods.”

@ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I do not plan on leading a guild, I have way too much to do! I plan on delegating that to someone else. Ironically, I really don’t anticipate myself being in either of the two guilds that I bought.

The Shiny Mythic Guild Token

Question Four:

Q: Are you actively recruiting for your Guild?

@ dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “Not yet, since there aren’t loads of details released yet on gameplay and strategy. Hopefully I’ll be able to gather a decently strong guild when it starts, though.”

@ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “Not yet, I plan to do so when the game gets closer to its alpha release.”

@ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “I’m not actively recruiting at the moment, as there’s still plenty of time until gameplay is good to go. I imagine I’ll start with IRL friends, and go from there (when building my Guild member roster).”

@ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “I Was a guild leader/recruiter for almost three years in my last game. I’m still burnt out from it! So, no, I won’t be. I just want to be a good soldier, and create silly videos!”

Question Five:

Q: What excites you most about the Guild element of Guild of Guardians, and what do you think the game looks like in five years time?

@ dingaling — MYTHIC GUILD OWNER: “Guilds have proven to be extremely popular in mobile games and I know quite a few people that grind for months to only receive a few hundred dollars in income. With Guild of Guardians, I can see the game taking off with play-to-earn in full force, allowing players to receive meaningful rewards and wanting to join the best guilds. In five years time, well, I’m not sure really! Hopefully the game has evolved multiple times and the ecosystem gets much larger.”

@ DaPerishz — LEGENDS GUILD OWNER: “In five years, I see the game as not exclusively having a solo play style. Those can get a bit tedious after long periods of grinding. That’s why the Guild element is so exciting. By having a Guild system as the core play style of the game, we can play together as friends. I’m not sure if we can compete directly with other Guilds down the track, but if so, I think this game will be like a massive Guild war game, where people will have to do a lot of preparation, strategic plannings, communication, etc. To pin down the other guilds we are taking on head-to-head. It’s going to be fun!”

@ Skimoza — WARRIORS GUILD OWNER: “Guild of Guardiansn reminds me of the good old days, when I was a teenager and played MMORPG Ragnarok online. That game also had Guilds, and it was just very fun to talk/grind/boss/war fight together and just to be a member of an internal community. I hope to get some of those nostalgic feelings back via Guild of Guardians!”

@ WT — ADVENTURERS GUILD OWNER: “The mobile aspect is huge in my opinion. The NFT potential tied to it is also big. There clearly is already a community here that cares about the game.

Five years from now really depends upon two things for me. First, have the entry barriers been lifted so almost everyone can get in easily with little risk? And second, if Guild of Guardians starts off with a bang, does the project have enough manpower, capital, and proper infrastructure to make new content to keep the old players in while adding in new players consistently? I am very positive about the entire NFT space, and I really do mean it when I say that it’s going to revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it. So, if all goes well, in 5 years from now, I envision GoG to be installing patch 3.4 which opens up a never seen before crafting recipe that has the “socketed” 5 piece set that gives a 3% stat buff if all 5 pieces are worn. I also imagine some form of land ownership/economy being worked on or completed where players can earn even more GEMS on their own, outside of guild collaboration. I also imagine the demand for new content to be high as the NFT gaming space will have many competitors by then.

What excites me most, however, is the potential… You guys have the chance to really do something amazing, and I hope you do. The sky is the bar set before us.




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