Why You Should Join Guild of Guardians & Immutable

Why are we here?

Introduction to Immutable

Introduction to Guild of Guardians

  • Launched a pre-alpha demo of the game to our community with immensely positive feedback
  • Built a community and pre-registration list of around 400,000 players
  • Shared our vision with the world and sold $20m of NFTs & tokens
  • Released a token that (at time of writing) is valued at $200 million
  • Pioneered concepts in the NFT gaming space such as: the term “play-and-earn”, the concept of whitelists and the focus on community
  • Partnered with leading brands in the space such as Ubisoft, NRG Esports, Sandbox & more
  • Built out a core internal team as well as a strong network of development partners
  • Been featured on prominent publications: Cointelegraph, IGN, VentureBeat, PocketGamer, Sydney Morning Herald, Tech In Asia & more

What makes Guild of Guardians different?

  1. First is that the industry is extremely attractive. Mobile games is a $100 billion industry and growing 2.5x faster than PC. Mobile squad RPGs make up a big part of this (last year they generated $6 billion revenue), and on average players spend $200–300 without real ownership.
  2. Second, and more importantly, is that blockchain can be used to actually make the game more fun for players. This is important, because we’re building a game that can’t be done without blockchain. For example, mobile RPG players love thinking about the strategy of the game, equipment sets, hero synergies and so on. Blockchain can enhance this by creating economic gameplay that increases strategic depth. More examples below:

Why join Guild of Guardians?

  1. First, you would be working at the forefront of gaming and web 3 innovation. We aren’t just saying that, we’re doing it. Guild of Guardians was one of the first games in the space (ideated in 2019, started in 2020), and has been recognised by the community as one of the top upcoming games. We are and will continue to be innovation leaders in the web 3 gaming space.
  2. Second, you would be working with some very talented and smart people. We know that smart people want to work with smart people, and we also know how important it is to have a great team in order to build amazing teams. We have awesome leaders, we’re paying top-of-the-market comp, have rocket ship equity, and an awesome benefits package.
  3. Third, you would have the opportunity to join a rapidly growing team and company. Despite our funding, we still have big growth ambitions and the company is planning to double in the next 6 months. You will not only have an opportunity to make an impact, but more opportunities will arise to progress and grow within the company. As an example, Immutable Studios was previously just Gods Unchained, then we added Guild of Guardians, and soon we’ll be looking to add additional titles.
  4. Fourth, you would be joining a team that has a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets. Our team is an eclectic mix of gaming veterans, entertainment & gaming experience, ‘crypto-native’ talent and pure functional experts. We’re also global — with team members living in over 8 different cities. Even though we still aren’t as diverse as we would like to be, we recognise the value of diversity when it comes to finding the best talent and building the best games.
  5. Fifth, you would experience the fun and excitement of being part of a scale-up rocketship, within the safety of a well funded company. Given we recently raised $200 million USD, you can join in comfort knowing that Guild of Guardians is well positioned and set up to succeed and that we have more initiatives and projects on our backlog.

What it’s like to work with us…

  • We live to level up — learning and growth is part of our DNA, when things go wrong we look forward not back
  • We take ownership — we give individuals a lot of decision making & autonomy and hold them accountable
  • We test and iterate — we don’t know everything, and will quickly test our ideas. We’re willing to fail
  • We lovingly speak our minds — We don’t hold back ideas or dissent, but we make sure to voice them in the ‘right’ way
The people behind Guild of Guardians

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Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!