Wave One, Day One. Thoughts From The Team and Next Steps

1 . We encountered some issues!

  • The Website: Some users weren’t able to access the website, running into error messages, or having 404 error messages upon loading/refreshing our landing page. The root cause we identified, was that spam refreshing of our website triggered our service provider to automatically IP ban offenders to ‘protect against an attack’.
  • Failed Transactions: Some users lost gas funds in failed transactions. This happened for a few reasons. We clogged the network upon go-live, which saw the gas price rise from ~30 to around ~50 during the sale. This meant some users transactions were started but could not complete successfully. There was also a ~10 minute window where the default gas limits on purchasing were too low which we had to hotfix. There was also a ~1 hour window after Legendary Heroes sold out, where the front-end let users click “BUY” even though the website indicated no heroes were available, meaning those who didn’t realise, received transaction failures.
  • Delayed Visibility of Heroes/Guilds in user’s collections: Some users reported successful blockchain transactions, but didnt’ see their assets appearing in their inventories/summoning tabs for periods of time. This is owing to a de-sync between our databases, which was not picked up during testing (again, difficult to simulate on mainnet).
  • Users buying on the wrong Chain: Some users purchased on the testnet contract (potentially a cache issue which occurred for ~1 minute, for 7 transactions and $4,800 in lost funds). Some other users reported paying BNB to a Binance Smart Chain address when they were purchasing. Given we have never used BSC, this was an individual wallet usage error, affecting ~25 transactions and $1000 in lost funds).
  • Accidental Mythic: Not an error, but when one of our developers was making a purchase on mainnet to ensure a hotfix was working, they unfortunately summoned a Mythic hero. We do not want our team to own Mythics, and we plan to raffle this off (more below).

2. Compensation

Failed TX ID’s pre-increased GAS limits.

3— Enough of the bad, on to the good stuff!

  • Over 2,000 players getting their hands on rare and exclusive Founder Sale assets.
  • $75,000 in referral rewards distributed plus another $75,000 in discounts earned. Giving back to the community is vital.
  • 1,829 people picking up Legendary Heroes, helping the allocation sell out in its entirety in only a few hours. No bot abuse!
  • Importantly, we saw excellent and healthy distribution of Legendary Hero ownership — 782 people bought only 1 legendary Hero summon (43% of buyers), and 550 people bought 5 or less (85% of all buyers).
Visual representation of Legendary Hero ownership/distribution
  • 1,000 people grabbing Adventurer Guilds, 58 people purchasing a Warrior Guild, 9 Guardians snapping up a Legends Guild, and finally, 8 people nabbing the prestigious Mythic Guild.
  • We’re about to tick over $3M USD in total Wave One sales, with further subsequent Waves looking to be as in demand as the first.
  • We were (at our peak) the second most used smart contract on the entire Ethereum network that day. Crazy.



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