Wave 3 Whitelist — How to register to ‘lock-in’ One Pet before the public sale

Guild Of Guardians
2 min readOct 26, 2021

Wave three whitelist time!!!

We’ll keep this one brief.

  • We are committing 20% of the Wave 3 PET pool, for members of our Discord to register to purchase before the go-live of the public sale.
  • There are 10,000 pets available to claim.
  • There are NO Heroes reserved for whitelisting in this wave 👀
  • In the interests of rewarding early adopters, as well as more recent members of the GOG family — there is a maximum cap of ONE pet per person.
  • The whitelist claim form can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/UfqBqCWmmtpZbYLg6
  • The whitelist claim form will be live for THREE days, or until all 10,000 Pets have been ‘claimed’ by members of our Discord. Whichever comes first.
  • We will then publish a list of all eligible claimees wallet addresses, and the secure wallet address + amount that needs to be paid in order to secure your pet.
  • You will then have FIVE days to pay for your Pet.
  • After the five day period has lapsed, we will close all payment submissions, and we will not review any appeals.
  • Distribution of Pets to eligible and paid addresses will then take place shortly thereafter, using our new distribution tool.


  • Can I claim a PET if I am not in the Discord? No, you cannot. You must be in the Discord to claim. We will export a list of all Discord members and cross-reference the final claim list. Ineligible entries will be removed prior to posting eligible entries publicly
  • Can I pay from a wallet address other than my METAMASK? No, you cannot. You may only use a METAMASK address for claiming, payment, and to link to the GOG website post distribution. Any other wallet address, chain, or alternate method will not work.
  • Will there be an appeals process? There will be no appeals process for the distribution/allocation of these PETS. We will make the instructions abundantly clear, and guide everyone through how to pay and claim. If you miss the window, pay from the wrong address (or to the wrong address) or pay the incorrect amount — we will not be refunding, nor considering appeals. You sign up to this claim process at your own risk.
  • Are pets cool? Ummm… YES!



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