The Guild’s Treasure — $GOG Active Staking

Here’s what you need to know 👇🏽

  • This program will kick off in November, and rewards will be distributed over the next six months until May 2023. (Please note, this is subject to change)
  • Active stakers who hold $GOG in ImmutableX over a continuous streak will receive higher rewards. HODLing for longer reaps the ultimate rewards! 😉
  • Tokens staked during the first week of the program will start off their streak at 12 months.
  • It’s important to note that selling now and buying back later will not count for this bonus!
  • Rewards will start to accrue from the 7th of November 2022, and the first payment will be made in December (batching all weeks up to this date), along with full details of the scheme.

How do I know if I am eligible for weekly active staking rewards? 🤔

  • Your $GOG must be deposited on ImmutableX
  • You must own a Rare or higher-valued Guild of Guardians NFT Hero
  • You must satisfy at least one of the following criteria for each week:
    Trade: Buy or sell any Guild of Guardians NFT on the secondary market
    Stash: Increase your $GOG balance on ImmutableX (staking rewards received during the week do not count)
    Vote: Cast a governance vote with your $GOG tokens (to be added in the near future)

Here’s how to qualify and get a 2x weighting bonus

  • Currently, there are only 8 million $GOG on L2. Assuming 100% of these were actively staked, the current annualised reward rate could go up to 260%!
  • Together with the 2x weighting bonus, the current annualised reward rate could go up to 520%!

Got a burning question? Check our FAQs

  1. You need to deposit Ethereum into ImmutableX, here before staking is live
  2. When transferring money into IMX, you must pay a transaction fee to ‘bridge’ or ‘convert’ the currency. This is called a ‘gas’ fee. The price of gas is always fluctuating, and to be safe, we recommend having around ~0.07 ETH above the amount you wish to deposit into IMX.
  3. MetaMask setup and purchasing Ethereum should take no longer than around 10 minutes, however, depositing Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet into ImmutableX can take up to 24 hours. So we recommend doing this ASAP, before staking goes live!



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