The Guild of Guardians Roadmap #V2

  • We’re fast approaching the alpha release, with free-to-play and non-crypto-friendly onboarding
  • We have a proven track record of interest and conviction in the space with $24m in NFT sales and $200m Series C to fund development and expansion
  • We have more than doubled our team with some of the best talents in the industry who are all passionately working towards the same goal of irreversibly transforming the game industry
  • We have launched multiple game demos where we have received overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback and metrics to help us improve the game for a diverse audience
  • We continue to empower and reward the community and have given away $1m+ in community rewards to date
  • We have partnered with leading initiatives and figures in the space — Ubisoft, NRG Esports and Sandbox, just to name a few…
This roadmap is subject to change, and milestones are positioned in no particular order



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Guild Of Guardians

Guild Of Guardians


Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!