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Welcome to Edition #3 of The Guild of Guardian Diaries!

This is our newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ.

We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will occasionally be inaccurate (as they sometimes are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities.

Quick recap of Accomplishments

1. Ambassador Program

We officially onboarded the first batch of our GOG Ambassador family. We were blown away by the interest in being part of this program (1,200+ applications).

2. Wave 2 Early Adopters

The interest and support here was out of CONTROL! We received over 6500 applications and over 230 appeals for our Early Adopter whitelist.

Once we got through all those — we distributed more than 7,300 NFT’s to eligible early adopters in the GOG community.

We used entirely new tech to distribute these, and it cost us + them $0 in gas

And we raised our unique NFT owner’s number to over 5,500 in the process.


3. $60M USD Series B Raise

We shared the news that Immutable officially closed their $60M USD Series B raise!

We are published by Immutable. We have always been bullish about the long term prospects of Immutable X as the global premier L2 scaling solution, with gas free minting and trading for all users. A portion of this capital raise will be funnelled directly into GOG, which allows us to:

Quickly ramp up development
Massively increase our marketing efforts
Make key hires to continue scaling the game and our amazing community

This influx of capital allows us to continue focussing not on the short-term selling of NFTs, but to remain locked in on building and developing a genuinely fun game, which will completely disrupt the industry. We’re fully funded to survive a long bear market (if it comes)


Words From The Senior Game Designer

Hiya Guardians, Josiah here. Big things are coming up soon from the Design Department and I can’t wait to share some more info soon! Based on our last town hall everyone and their mom is looking to know more about our Guild system. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

And as usual… The things I’m about to speak to are all subject to change. We’re a game in active development and WILL change things constantly.

Screenshot of potential Guild Intro UI/UX. Still using placeholder descriptions and layouts

At soft-launch Guilds will offer players two main systems to engage with: Raids and Crafting.


Raids are 16 player async boss battles that are organized by Guild Leadership and provide players with unique rewards that are crucial to things like crafting and power progression.

UX Mockup of desired Raid Menu

Each Raid has a series of requirements that are recommended to be met before starting a Raid.

  1. Minimum power level of all 16 participants
  2. Recommended roles of all 16 participants
  3. Recommended contributions from members of the Guild who can’t or don’t want to join the Raid with a Hero.
  4. These contributions include resource donations, consumable donations, and Dungeon completions. More details to come soon as these alternative contribution methods become fleshed out.
UX Mockup of desired Raid Progress Flow

When the recommendations are met, Guild Leadership may start the raid. When the Raid is completed all members of the Guild are notified and rewards are distributed. A recording of the Raid is then shared to the entire Guild for viewing.

A Guild can only attempt a certain amount of Raids per week. At the end of each week the attempt amount resets and a leaderboard showcasing which Guilds who performed the best is created.

Guild Crafting

Guild Crafting serves the primary purpose of creating the NFT equipment that EVERY player needs to complete more difficult content.

In order for a Guild to create most NFTs they’ll need a few things:

  1. A recipe for the specific piece of Equipment they wish to make. Recipes can be earned from Guild Raids.
  2. An assortment of Cubelets (ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 4 across all Elements). Cubelets can be found within Dungeons.
  3. Gems (our games Fungible Token currency). These can be earned by completing Daily or Weekly Gem Quests.

Once a Recipe is acquired a member of Guild Leadership can elect to start crafting the Equipment. Once the crafting prep starts, it becomes open for all members of the Guild to begin donating Cubelets and Gems in order to start minting. Once the mint starts, a timer begins to count down. The timer varies depending on the rarity of the NFT being crafted.

When the timer for the mint reaches zero the Equipment is automatically placed up on the marketplace for sale. Initial sale price and other variables can be adjusted by Guild Leadership. When that item is sold the earnings from the NFT are automatically split amongst all contributors. More details on contributions splits coming soon!

Screenshot of potential crafting menu UI/UX. Still using placeholder descriptions, stats, costs, and layouts.

So that’s it for now on Guild functionality. This is just the beginning for Guilds, and needless to say, we have lots of cool ideas being designed and developed for release post soft-launch. Since Guild of Guardians revolves around a positive social experience we’re making sure to put in tons of effort into making this a game you and your friends will stick around for. There’s plenty of details still to come and we’re always open to feedback so please feel free to share your ideas in the suggestions channel in Discord.

And, all hail Morax.

Words From The UX Lead

Hey there 👋 This is Nalin. I’m focused on the user experience and interface design for Guild of Guardians. My goal is to make this game clear and intuitive so you feel able to make intelligent decisions, but also immersive and engaging so you feel drawn into its fantastical world. Some examples of that work from the past few months are below.

Note: A lot of this is work in progress (depicted as monochrome here) and thus subject to evolve as we develop the game and take in feedback from people like you!

The world of Guild of Guardians provides a variety of different ways for players (and their heroes) to get involved. For example…

You can gain experience, power, and rewards as you traverse quests with varying challenges and increasing difficulty…

Assemble squads of your heroes best suited to take on those quests…

And then combine their abilities with yours to take on those quests with the potential…

To come out of it victorious, with rewards in hand…

Rewards that you can use to make your heroes more valuable, or capable of tackling upcoming quests…

You can also merge your heroes to make rarer, more valuable heroes to accompany on future quests or trade on the marketplace…


Or contribute those heroes to Raids for a chance to earn valuable rewards within your Guild.

A lot more to come, but hopefully these designs in development give you a sense of how Guild of Guardians is shaping up. Looking forward to working with you more as these develop!

Updated Gameplay stills

Placeholder… But still wicked!
Placeholder… But still wicked again!

Images and Words From The Art Director

Hello everyone, Aaron here!

Keeping things relatively brief for this update. We are making wicked progress at Guardian HQ and with our art studios on the look and feel of a number of our in-game assets.

Nick has already been leaking the Founder Heroes to you all, and we are stoked with how well received those have been by the community. We are always listening to your thoughts and your feedback, and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards when it comes to the quality bars and metrics we have internally when it comes to the creation of any and all items you will directly own, and interact with in-game.

I’ve shared below some concepts and wireframes that give you more of an idea of the artistic vision behind dungeons, landscapes, and some of the pesky enemies you may find yourself up against when the game is in your hands.

The team and I are loving the challenge of creating best-in-class assets for you all to own and love, and we’ll never stop trying to raise the bar!

What’s coming up next?

Wave 3 Founders Sale

WEN WAVE 3?!?!

We are still determining the final Wave 3 mechanics, and as always, we will be looking to implement as many things that we deem to be in the best collective interest of the community as possible. Without being too committal, you can expect wave 3 to go-live relatively soon.

Discord and Twitter are the best two places to stay tuned for updates on Wave 3.

NRG sale

We are excited to announce that the GOG x NRG Hero Sale will also be going live soon. The details of the partnership can be found here.

This is a playable in-game Legendary hero, and it represents the collaboration between NRG Esports and Guild of Guardians.

We will publish a blog soon with more specifics around the mechanics of the sale, date, and times. Stay tuned!

Other activities and Q4 plans

This piece is already too long. All we can say is, keep an eye out for token updates.

Until next time, Guardians…

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