The Guild of Guardian Diaries — Edition #1

Welcome to The Guild of Guardian Diaries!

This is our first newsletter to the community. We value you all greatly, and we want to ensure a certain level of transparency around what’s going on behind the scenes at Guardian HQ.

Based on community feedback, we have decided to launch the Guild of Guardian Diaries to deliver you all those updates 😎.

We cannot promise that everything we say here will come true. In fact, we’re confident that timelines will be inaccurate (as they always are). However, we will endeavour to set clear expectations and communicate with you all about the upcoming roadmap and priorities.

As you’re all aware, we are trying to massively disrupt a $100bn + industry. We are so early in our journey, and having you all on board, aligned with our vision and supporting us is incredible.

It’s difficult to grasp the impact of what we’re building. Guild of Guardians aims to be a fun and compelling mobile RPG game where millions of players can turn their passion of gaming into NFTs.

This is going to be a long journey. It’s not going to be an overnight success, and there will be bumps along the way. Just by reading this it means that YOU are part of an early community that is moving the industry forwards!

Here is a review of what we’ve been up to in the past 2 months ⬇️

  • Wave One was largely a success, despite a couple of teething issues. Read all about the numbers we pulled here
  • Our successes were written up in major publications CoinTelegraph, TechInAsia, and The Sydney Morning Herald among many others.
  • Since Wave One, we’ve focussed heavily on minting your precious NFTs into Immutable X — the L2 solution for gas-free trading and minting.
  • We appreciate all of your collective patience on that front, and we’ve got some more specific news on that progress below 🚀


  • The Minting process is complex and world-leading, in a number of regards! Our engineering team has been working hard to get these processes right.
  • Without getting too technical, the minting process (on our end) is split into two key phases. Phase one involves the ability to support user registration, and the process of connecting a wallet to Immutable X, whilst Phase two involves the ability for NFT minting.
  • Our engineers have almost finished Phase one, and are on track for Phase two, with mints beginning to happen on testnet.
  • With that in mind, it is likely that Minting will officially be able to take place in July (or August).
  • Whilst we may be quiet day-to-day, we completely understand the importance of gas-free Minting and Trading for our community, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.


  • Gas-free trading of Founder NFTs between users should be ready at the same time that assets are minted (pending an unexpected marketplace frontend issue). This means it’s also July or August.


  • Our intention is to launch Wave Two of our NFT Founder Sale AFTER we have minted the Wave One NFTs.
  • We will need to do some QA testing, and tighten up some of the end-to-end technical processes we had implemented for Wave One before Wave Two can go live.
  • This means Wave Two will occur around one month after minting (subject to change)
  • We have prioritised Minting over starting the Wave Two sale, because we know how important these NFTs are to you all, and we’re excited for you to get your hands on them before we make the next wave of NFTs available for purchase.

With those dates out of the way —it’s time to check in with some other project developments.

It is exciting to see the first building blocks of the project being laid, and the broad vision that has guided us for the last year (and a bit), come to life in our hands.

We can’t underplay how excited we are for the ongoing development of this journey, and we are looking forward to using The Guild of Guardian Diaries as a window into our world, bringing you along for the ride.

Internal play-testing and game development

We’ve officially completed our first set of internal play-testing (of a vertical slice of the game). There’s obviously lots of work to go but we are elated with how it is shaping up.

Tease below 👀

**PRE-ALPHA V.0** Internal Play-Test Image (on-phone)
**PRE-ALPHA V.0** Internal Play-Test Image (on-phone)
**PRE-ALPHA V.0** Example Alpha Image

Building The Team

  • We have hired a senior game producer, and we’re currently in the process of expanding out our team even further. We will continue to strive to put the best people in the best positions, in order to build a better game.

Work with Partners

  • We have kicked off our work with our valuable partners, including Naavik and Ubisoft on different advisory and input topics.
  • Leaning on these partners and their advice (from taking the game mainstream, to incorporating invisible elements of the blockchain) is invaluable.

Epic and Rare Heroes… Leaks?

Here’s a few — just because we love you all…


Thank you for all your overwhelming support so far, we love the early community we’ve built. We’re always open to feedback so PLEASE get involved and join our Discord. Link below!

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