The Esports Exclusives Sale — ‘How to Buy’

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4 min readFeb 7, 2023


Whether you’re a crypto veteran or it’s your first time purchasing an NFT, it’s important to know how to use our website and complete your purchase to participate in the Esports Exclusives Sale. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss out!

TLDR & General Tips 🔥

  • We strongly recommend buying with a desktop/laptop using an Ethereum (mainnet) wallet such as MetaMask. If you were Allowlisted, ensure you’re using the same wallet you have previously registered.
  • You need to deposit Ethereum into Immutable X, here, before the sale! We HIGHLY recommend doing this before the sale is live to be best prepared.
  • When transferring money into IMX, you must pay a transaction fee to ‘bridge’ or ‘convert’ the currency. This is called a ‘gas’ fee. The price of gas is always fluctuating, and to be safe, we recommend having around ~0.07 ETH above the amount you wish to deposit into IMX.
  • MetaMask setup and purchasing Ethereum should take no longer than around 10 minutes, however, depositing Ethereum from your MetaMask wallet into Immutable X can take longer. So we recommend doing this ASAP!
  • The Esports Exclusives Allowlist is full! So to ensure you don’t miss out, we recommend that you are ready to purchase once the Allowlist sale goes live on Feb 8th, 10am AEDT / Feb 7th, 6pm EST

Let’s Get Started!

Note: If you already have a wallet and ETH then skip to Step 3.

Step 1: Create a Wallet

(Metamask is a popular Ethereum wallet option)

Install the Metamask browser extension, and set-up a wallet if you haven’t already. There are many guides online that explain how to do this, such as:

Step 2: Get some ETH

You will require ETH in your Wallet to make a purchase. A couple of popular options are — Coinbase or Metamask’s inbuilt Wyre integration

Step 3: Deposit ETH into IMX

In order to participate in the sale, you must deposit ETH into IMX. We highly recommend doing this well before the sale goes live so you are fully prepared!

Check out the official immutable guide here! Or check out this video -

Step 4: Go to our website

Once the sale is live, open Google Chrome [recommended], and head to the Esports Exclusives Sale page, here.

(or type in

This is what the page that greets you should look like. 👇

Step 5: Connect your wallet

In the top right-hand corner, hit the Connect Wallet prompt, followed by ‘Get Started’

You’ll then be prompted to select your ETH wallet, in this case, Metamask -

Once you’ve selected your ETH wallet, you’ll then be prompted to connect with IMX -

Step 6: Purchase time!

Once you have connected your wallet, you can add one or multiple items to your cart and click ‘complete transaction’ when you’re satisfied with your haul. One transaction per basket of NFTs.

Step 7: Summon your Esports Exclusives NFT!

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Once the purchase is complete, it’s time to summon your Esports Exclusives Guardian! Click on ‘Take me to my summons’ to meet your new Guardian!

Step 8: Share your summon far and wide!

Be sure to show off your brand-new piece of gaming history by following the share prompts!

Good luck, Guardian! The countdown is on!




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