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8 min readFeb 1, 2023

Guardians, as the Esports Exclusives sale approaches, here is everything you should know to participate and prepare for the sale! LFGOG! 🚀


  • This sale will be open for up to a week with a limited supply of 10,000 Esports Exclusive Heroes for purchase
  • There will be an exclusive, early-access Allowlist. Those on the Allowlist will receive early access for 24 hrs before the sale opens to the public on 7 Feb, 6pm EST / 8 Feb, 10am AEDT. After which, the public sale will be on February 9th, 10am AEDT / February 8th, 6pm EST. See full details for the Allowlist HERE
  • The sale will go live on
  • You need an Ethereum wallet with enough Ethereum in it to participate in the Esports Exclusive Sale
  • Once the sale has closed, this collection will never be sold again, but you may be able to purchase and exchange Heroes on secondary marketplaces, including Immutable X, TokenTrove, Rarible and
  • While there are eight different Heroes, the Hero you summon will be a surprise
  • We are always available in the Guild of Guardians Discord to answer questions if you’re having trouble. Join the server using this link

The Esports Exclusives Allowlist

In case you missed it, there will be an exclusive Allowlist granting early access to the sale for 24 hours! Early access means you have a far better window of opportunity at summoning a Mythic Hero!

Allowlist access will open on 7 Feb, 6pm EST / 8 Feb, 10am AEDT until February 9th, 10am AEDT // February 8th, 6pm EST, where the sale will then be open to the public.

To nab an Allowlist spot, you must either be an existing GOG NFT holder OR have completed all quests as part of the community challenge. For more details, be sure to check out the official Allowlist article, here.

Participate in Collection Challenges for epic rewards!

Rally behind your favourite esports teams and participate in collection challenges, where you can earn epic rewards by achieving special milestones!

Challenge one: Collect the most esports heroes from an esports team
The first 20 buyers who collect the most esports Heroes from an esports team in the primary sale, will win an exclusive esports jersey signed by the team!

Challenge two: Summon a Mythic Hero to win seven other heroes!
Lucky Guardians who summon a mythic hero during the primary sale will win seven other esports Heroes!

Challenge three: Collect the most Heroes & design your very own in-game hero or pet!
The Guardian, who collects the most esports Heroes during the primary sale, will win the opportunity to design their very own in-game Hero or pet!

All rewards will be delivered within 90 days after the sale ends. Rewards are determined by Guild of Guardians at its sole discretion.

Chroma Probabilities and Rarity

Each of the eight Heroes are Legendary chromas, but there is a possibility to summon a ‘Special Edition’, which is an incredibly rare, cosmetic variation of said Hero. Each special edition chroma that applies to each esport Hero is as follows — Warrior, probability = 10% | Elite, probability = 2% | Mythic, probability = 0.66% (with only 1 per Hero in supply)

Introducing the eight Esport Exclusive Guardians

AURORA, the Unseen Culprit — Team Liquid

Armed with bombs of Umbrus, Aurora strikes when the enemy least expects it.

A master of stealth, Aurora aids the Imperials in and out of battle. When she isn’t surprising enemies with her bombs on the battlefield, she’s raiding enemy camps in the dead of night. Aurora knows only those in power get to make the rules, and she works overtime to one day have that power.

ABBAS, the Silent Steward — T1

Born mute, Abbas spent most of his life living on the shore. He was cast aside until his companion, Clea, crashed into his life.

When Abbas found a young Clea on the brink of death, he knew he had to help her. For a full year, Abbas nursed Clea back to health. In return, Clea taught him the art of fighting like her people, and what it’s like to have a friend.

YUSTA, the Scales’ Vengeance — Ninjas in Pyjamas

With revenge in her heart, Yusta vows to uphold the prowess of an empire ruined by the Dread’s corruption.

Yusta’s thoughts remain in the past, remembering how the Dread’s creatures destroyed her home with the Scales. She strives to rid the land of the Dread’s corruption and restore the Reptilisk empire to its former glory. With the power of Solas at her fingertips, Yusta strikes down her enemies with deadly precision.

STRATOS, the Unshackled Tempest — Cloud9

Stratos wears his shackles as a reminder of the life he led, and how he hopes to be different in death.

Stratos served as a guard in a fae prison run by sadistic Edersons. Disgusted by the crimes he witnessed, he attempted to free the fae prisoners. But other guards caught him, slaying him and leaving him to rot. Unburied, his soul manifested as a spectre, and Atla later invited him to join her quest.

AURANT, the Iron Empress — Fnatic

Firm in her beliefs, Aurant uses her mastery of the battlefield to fight Dread’s creatures with a variety of weapons.

Unlike her twin, Teneb, Aurant actually believes in the Imperials’ cause. Instead of brute force, Aurant arms herself with various strategies and weapons to strike down the Dread’s creatures. She forged the armour she and her brother wear, and can often be found experimenting with the creation of new weapons to fight the Dread.

ALBERT, the Dark Mechanism — SK Gaming

Crafted from pure Umbrus, Albert towers over its enemies. The crossbow in its arm strikes with deadly accuracy.

The Keepers built Albert using blueprints found in ancient books, hoping its construction would help them stop the Dread’s corruption. This apparati doesn’t invoke much thought or scheming, but it’s a powerful force of strength. Albert’s crossbow shifts with the gears in its arms, and its crystals hum with the power of Umbrus.

BRONWYN, the Moral Compass — NRG

High up in the Imperial ranks, Bronwyn keeps order amongst the regime with her psychic abilities.

After years of service, Bronwyn finally established herself as a commander in the Imperial ranks. She serves as a strong leader, keeping the Imperials focused and honest; she doesn’t tolerate any wrongdoing. But she comes down much more harshly on her enemies — especially the Dread’s creatures.

JUNO, The Prodigy Strategist — NAVI

Juno is a strategist who knows her worth, and she won’t settle for anything less than respect — even if it means leaving her home behind.

Juno and her best friend, Sol, were the youngest inductees to Hearthfire’s most elite fighting force. However, her youth resulted in her fellow soldiers greatly underestimating her proclivity for battle strategy and tactics. So, she left Brimstone to make a name for herself. She now commands as a respected Arbiter for the Redeemers.

Got a burning question? Check out our FAQs 👇

How much does an esports Hero cost?
Approximately $99.00 USD payable in ETH (This is an approximation due to the fluctuation in ETH).

What is the maximum number of Heroes I can purchase?
There are no limits to how many Heroes an individual or wallet can purchase! Please note that there is a transaction limit of 400 Heroes per transaction.

How many Heroes are part of this collection?
There are 8 different heroes available. In total, there are 10,000 Heroes available for sale.

Why are top esport teams partnering with Guild of Guardians?
These teams not only share our vision of revolutionising the game industry, but for the first time in history, esports teams have seized the opportunity to truly represent and integrate their IP into in-game characters that can be owned, traded and sold, enabling true digital ownership.

What is the utility of each Hero?
Esports Exclusives buyers will have access to a plethora of in-game and out-of-game perks. Some of these include -

Exclusive leaderboards: Owning an esports Hero will grant holders access to special leaderboard competitions that include exclusive rewards.

Special in-game rewards: Esport Hero holders will gain access to in-game rewards, including unique cosmetics and other unique digital collectibles.

Out-of-game rewards: Purchasing an esport Hero will not only grant you access to special in-game rewards but unique merch opportunities and VIP access to various web3 gaming events around the world!

What is a wallet?
A wallet is a secure place to store your digital items. Each wallet has a unique ID that links your digital assets to you. They are completely free to set up and own. Metamask is a popular third-party wallet solution and browser extension that allows you to interact easily with the Ethereum network. New to wallet creation? Check the details here for a comprehensive tutorial!

How do I set up a wallet?
Here is a simple guide of one way to set up a wallet using Metamask:

  1. Head to
  2. Install the plug-in: Install the MetaMask extension for your chosen browser.
  3. Create a wallet: Follow the prompts to “Create a Wallet”.
  4. Connect plug-in: Click “Connect” on the top right of the Guild of Guardians website to connect.

That’s it! You are now connected!

Do I need a wallet to participate in the sale?
Yes! To participate in the Esports Exclusives sale, buyers need an Ethereum wallet that is linked to Immutable X. One option is to set up a MetaMask wallet, and you can find out more about how to do so here.

Do I get to choose which Hero I buy?
Experience the thrill of the unknown with each hero acquisition, as every hero is randomly distributed, adding an element of surprise to each purchase!

Does being on the Allowlist mean I have a guaranteed mint?
Whilst the Allowlist gives you a better chance of securing the esports NFTs, with access open ahead of the public sale, being on the Allowlist does not guarantee you a mint as supply is limited and could sell out during the Allowlist phase. We suggest that you ensure you’re ready to mint as soon as the sale opens, and act fast once the Allowlist sale is live!

Thank you, and good luck, Guardians!




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