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3 min readSep 28, 2022

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again! We are on a mission to onboard hundreds of millions of gamers into digital asset ownership via NFTs. Such a bold mission requires the power of community, which is why we’re excited to announce — the Guild of Guardians Referral Program!

So, how does it work? 🤔

The goal is simple. Refer and earn! This is a week-long program starting today and will end on October 5th, 6pm AEST. For every successful referral, participants will receive 1 $GOG token! The more referrals you sign-up, the more tokens you’ll receive!

How do I signup and start referring?!

Step 1: Sign-up for the referral program here

Step 2: Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique referral link

Step 3: Start spreading the good word of GOG far and wide using your unique link!


  • What is a ‘successful referral’? — For referrals to be considered successful, they must pre-register via your unique link, which will then appear in your dashboard. They will then undergo a verification check to determine that they are real referrals.
  • How will I know how many sign-ups I have referred? — You can track your referrals via your unique dashboard. Please note, each referral will undergo a validation process before they are considered a successful referral.
  • When will tokens be distributed? — We have several validation systems in place to ensure the program is fair for all! Please allow at least one month for tokens to be distributed.
  • Where can I share my unique link? — You can share your link anywhere! Think Twitter, Discord channels, forums, Facebook, Instagram. The world is your oyster!
  • How do I get my referral link? — Head to this link to sign-up and generate your unique referral link.
  • I’m being asked for my physical address and PayPal. Do I need to provide that? — No. You do not need to provide your address or PayPal. These are items in Tapfiliate that we cannot remove. You don’t need to provide us with any information besides your email and wallet address.
  • What happens if I lose my referral link? — Please log in to your Tapfiliate account to access your link or refer back to your welcome email.
  • What is Tapfiliate? — Tapfiliate is our referral platform that will generate your unique referral link and allow you to track how many people you have referred.
  • What if someone I referred signed up, but the referral didn’t register in Tapfiliate? — Sign-ups not using your unique link will not register in your dashboard.
  • How are you managing fraud? — We have several checks and balances in place to confirm the legitimacy of referral emails, sign-ups, and any shady business.

For further information or if you have any questions, please head to our dedicated Discord group!

Until next time, Guardians. LFGOG!



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