POAP Success — How we got 30,000 new Discord members in 48 hours.

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3 min readJun 11, 2021

TL;DR — Our POAP Badge Activation produced amazing viral numbers.

  • 28,900 Founder Badges were claimed (POAP’s most successful drop ever)
  • 30,000 new Guardians joined our Discord in 48 hours (taking us to 42,000+ people)
Discord growth go brrr…
  • Guild of Guardians gained more than 3,000 Twitter followers in the week following the activation
  • Nearly 7,300 people sent a message in our Discord in the last seven days

A Blueprint Of Events

Last week, we ran a POAP activation (Proof of attendance protocol), which allowed people to claim a unique ‘Founder’ badge, as long as they were members of our Discord channel.

The Founder badge!

First, we wrote a blog, explaining how to claim the badge, but we strategically withheld the codeword that users needed to get it — making it accessible only to those in our Discord channel.

Then, in our Discord — we leaked the codeword, making the claim process as simple as DM’ing the POAP-Bot — which would then deliver each DM a unique claim link.

A simple process on the surface, but one that brought amazing traction, conversation, and community growth.

Our Discord was on FIRE for 48 hours. You couldn’t refresh the #new-guardians channel without seeing four or five new members joining every minute. People clearly love free air-drops, but all of a sudden, you bring in a section of people who came for the goodies, but stayed for the special and potentially industry altering project they stumbled upon.

Special thanks to the team at POAP who helped facilitate the drop. It’s an easy and cool process to undertake, and we’ve now seen some of our community members jump on board to make their own — dropping badges for the Glade, Empire and Horde factions — which have been claimed more than a cumulative 500 times!

We love community driven content!

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