Our approach to NFT Scarcity in Guild of Guardians

  • “Will you sell more Founder NFTs in the future?”
  • “Are there enough Guilds for players?”
  • “Do early buyers have a big advantage?”

How do we balance scarcity?

Our approach to scarcity comes back to our long-term vision, which is to completely disrupt the gaming industry. We believe that achieving this goal is also what’s best for the entire community long-term.

  • Scalability: Guild of Guardians should be enjoyable for millions of players, not just the early few.
  • Sustainable: The economy should sustainable for decades.
  • Certainty: There should be as much certainty on supply and scarcity mechanics as possible, so people can make educated decisions

What does this mean for Founder NFTs?


First, we do NOT plan to sell more Founder NFTs in the future. These NFTs are significant in that they are the first ever Guild of Guardian NFTs. They represent a unique time in our journey where our community was still small, and the game had not yet been released. These will be marked as “Founder” series NFTs. The total founder NFTs that will exist will be those sold in the Founder Sales, plus the 10% additional pool which we will reserve for giveaways and community rewards.


However, we can also say that we need to, and plan to, introduce new NFTs in the future. These won’t be the same as the Founder NFTs. Without new content, the game wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable to the millions of players who we plan to onboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will sell them all either, and instead you can expect NFTs to be introduced via a mix of purchasing, earning and other interesting methods!


Finally, we expect purchasable NFTs (including Founders editions) to be in high demand relative to their available scarcity. This is by design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you sell more Founder NFTs, such as Guilds or Heroes, in the future?

So what?

The objective of this article was to inform the community around how we approach scarcity, so that you can make informed decisions when you are buying, trading or selling with other players.



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