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One of the most commonly asked questions around Guild of Guardians involves the topic of NFT scarcity.

  • “Will you sell more Founder NFTs in the future?”
  • “Are there enough Guilds for players?”
  • “Do early buyers have a big advantage?”

Why is this important?

While we will never give financial advice, we do want to share with you our current approach to NFT scarcity. The reason we want to do this is because we believe in communicating transparently with you all, and it is important to equip you with as much knowledge as possible to make informed decisions.

Note also, our approach may evolve over time as we continue to learn and experiment.

How do we balance scarcity?

Our approach to scarcity comes back to our long-term vision, which is to completely disrupt the gaming industry. We believe that achieving this goal is also what’s best for the entire community long-term.

In order to achieve this, we need to balance a number of factors:

  • Scalability: Guild of Guardians should be enjoyable for millions of players, not just the early few.
  • Sustainable: The economy should sustainable for decades.
  • Certainty: There should be as much certainty on supply and scarcity mechanics as possible, so people can make educated decisions

We believe that following these three factors allows Guild of Guardians to be as successful as possible, which is ultimately what everyone here wants.

What does this mean for Founder NFTs?


First, we do NOT plan to sell more Founder NFTs in the future. These NFTs are significant in that they are the first ever Guild of Guardian NFTs. They represent a unique time in our journey where our community was still small, and the game had not yet been released. These will be marked as “Founder” series NFTs. The total founder NFTs that will exist will be those sold in the Founder Sales, plus the 10% additional pool which we will reserve for giveaways and community rewards.

✔️ — Certainty: You can be confident your Founder NFTs will be scarce.


However, we can also say that we need to, and plan to, introduce new NFTs in the future. These won’t be the same as the Founder NFTs. Without new content, the game wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable to the millions of players who we plan to onboard. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will sell them all either, and instead you can expect NFTs to be introduced via a mix of purchasing, earning and other interesting methods!

✔️ Scalable — The game will continue to scale with new NFT content, which will be DIFFERENT from Founder NFTs


Finally, we expect purchasable NFTs (including Founders editions) to be in high demand relative to their available scarcity. This is by design.

We aren’t looking to maximise the money from selling NFTs. In fact, it’s the opposite. We want to give value to the community and those who support us — “leaving money on the table”. We believe this is the most long-term sustainable option, as the community can trust that we will have their best interests in mind, and work with us towards our long-term vision.

✔️ Our approach to NFT Scarcity in Guild of Guardians— Founder NFTs (and likely future NFTs) that are sold will be scarce so that we can sustainably introduce new content while giving value to the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you sell more Founder NFTs, such as Guilds or Heroes, in the future?

No. We do not plan to sell more Founder NFTs in the future. However, we do plan to introduce new NFTs in the future. These will be different and won’t be in our ‘Founders series’. Note: We previously reserved the right to mint new Adventurer Guilds in the future once there was excess demand, but at this stage we do not plan to exercise this right.

Are there enough Guilds for future players? How important is it to play in a Guild?

No, there currently are not enough Guilds for the millions of players we plan to onboard. Guilds are an important part of the game, not only as one of the avenues of play-and-earn, but also as a really fun and enjoyable social gameplay experience. We will introduce new guilds in the future, although they will not be founder guilds. We also haven’t decided on the exact mechanics of this, for example whether they are sold, earned in game, distributed to existing Founder Guild owners, or a combination of all of the above. We will make sure to factor in all parts of the community in our decision.

Do buyers have an advantage in the game vs free-to-play players? How important is it to own the founder NFTs (heroes, pets, guilds, etc) to play Guild of Guardians?

Yes, however this may not always be the case. Guild of Guardians is a strategy and action RPG game, which means that owning founder heroes, pets or energy boosters can give players an advantage. However, skill and strategy are still key elements in Guild of Guardians, and it won’t be the case that just because someone spends more that they will also be ‘better’ than free-to-play players. This is a balancing exercise and something we are actively working on.

How do we balance the conflicting interests of different parts of the community? For example old vs new players, or “whales” with lots of money vs those with less money.

We recognise there are different members in our community. This is great, as it means we have a real, vibrant economy!

Keeping everyone happy is ultimately a balancing exercise. One which we will get right through experiments, feedback and iteration.

However, we believe that actually everyone does have the same long-term interests.

Ultimately every part of our community wants the same thing, which is for Guild of Guardians to be hyper successful and disrupt the gaming industry.

We will use this as a guiding principle in making decisions around scarcity.

So what?

The objective of this article was to inform the community around how we approach scarcity, so that you can make informed decisions when you are buying, trading or selling with other players.

If you are interested in future NFT founder sales, join our Discord and follow Twitter to stay up to date. If you wish to trade NFTs on the secondary market, you can do so by visiting either TokenTrove or Immutable X marketplaces.

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