NFT Founder Sale — ‘How To Buy’ Guide

General Tips

  • We strongly recommend buying with a desktop / laptop using Metamask. While we have tested other platforms (e.g. Mobile, WalletConnect) they are more likely to encounter errors.
  • The community expects this founder sale will be sold out quickly. Be aware that some people may miss out. We care about the community so please factor that into your decision of whether to purchase ETH just to buy in the Guild of Guardians founder sale. If you want to increase your chances, we recommend that you make sure you are there when the sale goes live.
  • You will need slightly more ETH in your wallet than just the total cost of your items, which covers gas fees and any USD/ETH price volatility. Any unused funds are automatically refunded.
  • We have implemented bulk shopping cart system, so that it is one single gas fee per basket of NFTs, and not per NFT. This should help minimise the gas fees.

Let’s Get Started:

Note: If you already have a wallet and ETH then skip to Step 2.

Note: Not real numbers!
  • “Continue” to automatically open the next summon
  • “Share” to show-off that cool hero you just summoned!
  • “Skip all” which skips all animations and takes you to view your collection
  • Only Heroes and Pets have summoning animations, any other purchased NFTs go straight to your collections page
  • NFTs purchased will NOT be tradable immediately. We are minting them directly into Immutable X so that buyers can have a gas-free trading experience, but this will take time to implement
  • If you have any questions join our Discord and a friendly member of our community can help you out!
  • Check your Etherscan transactions to confirm whether your purchase was successful — it’s possible that the front-end may encounter issues

Advanced Guide: Experts ONLY

10th September 2021: REMOVED instructions on purchasing from contract — we do not recommend anyone buy from the smart contract directly unless they know what they are doing. Proceed with caution



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Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!