Major Announcement: Gameplay footage, cinematic teaser, Guild of Guardian Gems, NFT sale dates and new website!

Guild Of Guardians
3 min readApr 23, 2021

Dear Guardians!

It’s time for an update, and we have a LOT to drop here for you all.

Read on for a recount of what we’ve done so far, and to feast your eyes on some major

By The Numbers

So far, we’ve had over 130,000 players who have pre-registered for the game. That is nuts. We’ve also got more than 34,000 Twitter followers, and a rapidly growing Discord community of nearly 8,000 people.

Gameplay Footage

You have asked, and we are here to deliver. Our team is excited for you to see this pre-Alpha gameplay footage for yourselves. We’re happy with our progress, but there will still be many more changes we plan to make before we soft launch.

Cinematic Trailer

Hey, whilst we’ve got you, why don’t we give you some more?

This cinematic teaser is a work of art (in our biased opinion). In all seriousness — we are so proud of final quality of this asset. We’re thrilled to be able to share this trailer with a mainstream mobile RPG audience, and to compete with the biggest and best AAA mobile games.

Grab some popcorn!

Token Announcement

We dropped an article earlier today addressing this issue, and we’re really excited to announce that Guild of Guardians will feature an in-game currency called “Gems”, which are an ERC-20 token owned and issued by Guardians Corporation. There is so much potential here.

Gems will be distributed to players and community members for certain actions, including playing the game or purchasing NFTs in the founder sale.

Gems will be required to pay for certain purchases and minting actions in the game, upon which they are sent to a rewards pool and distributed to Gem holders who actively stake Gems and participate in the game.

Stay tuned for more information to do with this.

And here’s the big one. When does the NFT Founder Sale drop?

As you are probably aware, we are going live with a NFT Gaming Collectibles Founder Sale — which gives players the opportunity to purchase and collect exclusive founder NFTs.

The Huntress’ wry smile…

All NFTs will be playable when the game launches on mobile in 2022.

Founder NFTs will never be sold again, and we have allocated over 1.5% of the total Gem supply for those who buy.

We are planning to go live with the first wave of NFTs in the next two weeks (or so). We will drop specific dates, numbers, and other key pieces of information in the days leading up to it — so make sure you follow us on Twitter, and stay across our Discord channel to be the first to know when the countdown starts!

A new website I heard you say?!

Oh, and lastly. Why not go and take a look at our new and improved website before you go? Get a feel for the layout and the excitement before purchasing functionality goes live at the start of the Founder Sale.

Hit the button:

As always, feedback is welcome. We’re all ears! We can’t wait to continue sharing this journey with you all.

See you at the Founder Sale.


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