How to withdraw your Guild of Guardian referral rewards

Did you refer a friend in the Guild of Guardian founder sale? Firstly, thank-you, and congratulations!

This is a guide on how to check how much you earned from your referrals, and then how to withdraw your referral bonuses.

WARNING: This requires direct interaction with the Smart Contract. Please be careful — mistakes can result in lost gas or worse.

As always, do your own research.

Step 1: Find your account address

Copy and paste your account address by going to Metamask (or your wallet of choice).

Make sure you are connected to “Ethereum Mainnet”

Step 2: Check your Referral Balance

Visit the Smart Contract website:

Scroll down to “referrerBonuses”, paste your address and click Query

IMPORTANT: If you have no referral bonuses (e.g. the number is 0) then do NOT try to claim anything. It won’t work.

The number displayed is in ‘WEI’, so to convert it to ETH you can click on it. In this example the user has earned roughly 0.011 ETH

Step 3. Go to “Write Contract” and call the ‘withdrawBonus’ function

Go to the write contract page, which you can find below, or alternatively, by visiting this link.

Click, “Connect to Web3” which will require you to sign in with MetaMask.

Once connected, scroll down and click write under ‘withdrawBonus’:

A MetaMask transaction will pop-up for confirmation. Once approved you will have withdrawn your referral bonus!

IMPORTANT —WATCH OUT FOR AN ALERT. This means you likely have no referral rewards and the transaction WILL fail

Do NOT confirm a transaction if it looks like this, it will fail!

That’s it! Once your transaction confirms you should receive your referral bonuses in your wallet.

PRO-TIP: Do you plan to refer more friends? We recommend you withdraw your referral bonus at the END of all founder sale waves so you only pay gas on one transaction. Or alternatively when gas is low…

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