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TL;DR Summary

  • What’s unique about Guild of Guardians is that the only way to earn certain NFTs are to play together and craft (or battle) as a Guild.
  • Guild Leaders not only lead their team, but also are rewarded with a % of all crafting sales made by that Guild when items are (automatically) sold.
  • In order to become a Guild Leader you must own a Guild token, which can be bought as part of the founder sale.
  • There are four tiers of Guilds, with higher tiers allowing for more guild members, and a higher % of crafting sales to the guild leader.
  • We’re excited to see the biggest and best guilds battle it out to be the first to craft super rare items and win leaderboard prizes!

Founder NFT Sale Information

What are Guilds?

We want Guild of Guardians to be a multiplayer game at heart. Players who want to earn big, collect everything, and attempt the hardest and most rewarding content in the game will want to join a guild.

  • The only way to craft items in Guild of Guardians is to join a guild and to work together to craft rare and powerful items. There will be no individual crafting system
  • Ownership of a Guild allows you to earn the first cuts (a certain fixed %) of any guild crafting sale. Naturally, bigger Guilds can progress faster, and the quicker a Guild progresses, the quicker they can craft the rarest items in the game, and climb to the top of the leaderboards.
  • Guilds also offer players access to Game Modes that are only accessible to Guild members. These game modes will provide players with avenues to show off their best Heroes, fight the strongest enemies in the game, and earn unique and rare rewards.
The Adventurers Guild Token
The Warriors Guild Token
The Legends Guild Token
The Mythic Guild Token
  • Price: $200 USD ($160 USD with early bird discount)
  • # Members: 20
  • % cut of any sale: 1%
  • # of Adventurers Guilds available: 2000
  • Price: $4,000 USD ($3,200 USD with early bird discount)
  • # Members: 30
  • % cut of any sale: 2.5%
  • # of Warriors Guilds available: 200
  • Price: $20,000 USD ($16,000 USD with early bird discount)
  • # Members: 40
  • % cut of any sale: 5%
  • # of Legends Guilds available: 50
  • Price: $100,000 USD ($80,000 USD with early bird discount)
  • # Members: 50
  • % cut of any sale: 10%
  • # of Mythic Guilds available: 10
  • Serial numbers are not assigned upon purchase, but will be randomly assigned upon minting.
  • Earlier buyers will have a slightly higher probability of getting a lower serial number.



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Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!