Guild of Guardians NFT minting and trading is here!

The goal of this article is to teach you how to link your Ethereum wallet to Immutable X in order to enable minting and gas free trading!

Minting will go live at approximately Friday 13th August, 2PM AEST.

Immutable X is the first layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, providing mainstream scalability and gas-free transactions. It removes the cost-barrier from peer to peer trading, ensuring you can trade your assets without worrying how much you’ll pay in transaction fees. It also gives users instant trade confirmation, making trades faster and easier — all without compromising user custody.

Part 1: Link your wallet to Immutable X

In order to trade your assets in Immutable X, you will need to connect your Ethereum wallet to Immutable X.

Note: Connecting and linking your wallet doesn’t give Guild of Guardians or Immutable X any power over your wallet or its contents, it simply shows which items belong to you so you can play with, and trade them, while also providing a destination to send your digital assets and rewards to. That’s the beauty of true ownership!

STEP 1: Connect your Wallet to the Guild of Guardians Web-Page

  • Click “Connect Wallet” and connect your Metamask wallet to the page

STEP 2: Link your wallet(s) to Immutable X

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Link a wallet to X”.
  3. There will be a series of pop-ups for both Metamask and Immutable X link. Please sign each of these in order to create a unique Immutable X key that is ‘linked’ to your Ethereum address

Pro-Tip: You may link your wallet to Immutable X at any time (even after you have purchased), but Founder NFTs will only be minted after you have completed the linking process on our website.

How to link

For those of you who prefer visual learning, here is a quick guide:

Example is for Ropsten — please connect using MAINNET

Part 2: Trade NFTs on Layer 2

  • Sit back and relax — minting will happen automatically for any NFTs you have purchased
  • This may take 5–15 minutes depending on how many other NFTs are being minted at the same time

Trading can occur on any Immutable X compatable marketplace. Right now there are only two options, but in the future we imagine there will be many more:

Immutable X Marketplace


  • Guild of Guardians plans to take a % royalty fee on all secondary trades in the future
  • However, during the initial alpha launch of minting / trading there will be NO fees from Guild of Guardians for trading

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