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4 min readJan 30, 2023


We’re excited to officially announce the GOG Esports Exclusives Allowlist, designed to give our early supporters and those who complete special community quests early access one day before the Esports Exclusives public sale!

The Allowlist provides you with early access to mint ahead of the public sale, ensuring you have a far better window of opportunity at summoning a Mythic Hero!


  • Allowlist Sale Start : Feb 8th, 10am AEDT // Feb 7th, 6pm EST
  • Public Sale Start: Feb 9th, 10am AEDT // Feb 8th, 6pm EST
  • Public Sale End: Feb 16th, 12pm AEDT // Feb 15th, 8am EST
  • If you are a current NFT holder (founder and or reborne as per the snapshot) you will automatically gain access to the Allowlist
  • Non-NFT holders will have the opportunity to complete a series of community quests to gain early access. There is a soft cap of 5,000 and a hard cap of 10,000 Allowlist spots available through our Rewards Portal (This is independent of spots reserved for the partnered communities and influencers)
  • 2,000 spots are available to secure via our partnered communities and influencers. Keep an eye out for collaborative GOG Allowlist spots that are up for grabs!

Hot tip: please ensure you are ready to mint once the Allowlist sale begins. The Allowlist does NOT guarantee you a mint, as the collection could sell out within the Allowlist phase.

Not a GOG NFT holder? — Join the Allowlist by completing community quests 👇

Step 1: Join our Rewards Portal and complete the ‘Let’s Get Started’ quests!

Starting January 30th AEDT, your opportunity to join the Allowlist will be through our ‘Rewards Portal’! Here you can participate in a range of activities, giveaways and competitions to win not only an Allowlist spot but a range of other epic prizes, like $GOG tokens and NFTs!

If you’re a GOG NFT holder, you can still complete community quests and receive rewards.

Step 2: Complete the following quests

  1. Accept the ‘Allowlist’ terms and conditions
  2. Join Our Discord
  3. Follow Our Twitter
  4. Like & Retweet our esports Tweet
  5. Connect your IMX wallet
  6. Commit to Minting
  7. Tweet about being Allowlisted
  8. Claim your Allowlist Discord Role

Step 3: After being Allowlisted, continue to engage with our quests to earn $GOG tokens!

Once you’re Allowlisted, you’ll now be able to collect GOG points by completing various quests.

These quests range from raiding tweets to solving riddles or watching a livestream! Quests that reward users for participation with GOG points will have a limited number of entries, so make sure you check in often to ensure you don’t miss out!

GOG Points you earn from quests can be redeemed in our Rewards Portal for $GOG Tokens! Redeemed tokens will be banked and airdropped to users on February 28th 2023.

Don’t have enough GOG points to redeem? You can save your GOG points until you have enough!


If I choose not to join the Allowlist, will I still be able to purchase an NFT?
Yes! Provided there are NFTs available for sale, you will still be eligible to purchase an esports NFT when the full sale goes live, at 10am, AEDT on February 8th.

Can I still complete community quests for prizes and giveaways if I am already a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT holder and on the Allowlist?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage all community members to participate as there will be prizes and giveaways, which you will only be eligible for by participating in community quests.

What kinds of quests will I need to complete?
Quests will vary in actions and difficulty. Quests could include promoting the sale on Twitter, watching YouTube videos, participating in a community Discord activity or even solving a riddle!

If I held a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT in the past but traded it, will I be eligible for the Allowlist?

Unfortunately not. You must be holding a Founder or Reborne NFT at the time of snapshot to be eligible.

If I hold a GOG Founder or Reborne NFT now, but I sell it at some point before the sale, will I still be eligible for the Allowlist?

Selling your GOG Founder or Reborne NFT before the esports Sale poses the risk of losing eligibility for automatic Allowlisting.

What if I buy a GOG NFT right before the sale, will I be eligible for the Allowlist?

The official snapshot was taken on January 26th, 2023. Purchases after this time will not be eligible for the allowlist.

Good luck, Guardian. The countdown begins!

Until next time, LFGOG!! 🚀



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