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4 min readAug 10, 2021

One of the most exciting things about Guild of Guardians is the potential for there to be a tangible metaverse economy surrounding the game. We envisage millions of players working together, trading, and playing a part in this ever-changing and totally dynamic economy.


Everyone is excited by play-and-earn. That ship is here to stay.

And it is a perfect marriage in theory. The ability to play a game for fun, whilst making money? Sign us up...

However, there are more layers to play-and-earn that we are hellbent on discovering. What we are truly fascinated by is the opportunity for individuals and organisations to build real businesses around Guild of Guardians. Or, translated, a true, dynamic, metaverse economy.

And this is exactly what we are beginning to see. We are beginning to see different organisations become invested in the long-term success of Guild of Guardians, and who have started recruiting and building out their respective plan(s) for participating in this new world.

Metaverse Partners

We’re beginning to see a series of ‘metaverse partners’ enter into the Guild of Guardians universe. Some of these include:

  • Yield Guild Games — play-to-earn gaming guild which brings players togehter to earn via blockchain-based economies.
  • Real Deal Guild— guild which introduces NFT games to Filipinos to give them economic opportunities through the play-to-earn revolution.
  • Grow Your Base — powerful, membership-based platform for NFT enthusiasts, investors, creators and collectors.
  • Blackpool — decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) built solely for NFT gaming and trading.
  • Nonlinear Research (in partnership with Dialectic and Nansen Alpha Members) — group of investors who own a considerable amount of Guilds and plan to positively contribute to the GOG economy.
  • Paid2PlayGuild — Play-to-earn guild focused on the future of blockchain gaming
  • & many more… (let us know if we missed you!)

Together, these organisations own a substantial number of guilds across all tiers, and each of them have reached out to us with plans to work cooperatively within the metaverse economy in order to make Guild of Guardians as successful as possible.

This is insanely exciting stuff, and it benefits our entire ecosystem of players.

Why are these organisations invested?

“YGG has acquired 1 Mythic Guild and 50 Adventurers Guilds that can be used by over 1,000 YGG players. Our guild is excited to participate in this play-to-earn game and experience the amazing gameplay created by the Guild of Guardians team.” — Yield Guild Games

“RDG bought assets in GOG to be able to let other members play, earn and enjoy the game specially those who don’t have the capability to spend money in NFT assets. We aim to share and spread play to earn metaverse to Filipino Community and RDG believes that GOG is a good project to invest in.” — Real Deal

“Guild of Guardians has structured not only an incredible in-game experience but airtight game economics. We have acquired a Legends Guild. On top of this, our team has invested over $80,000 into the Guild of Guardian’s project. We believe this will be one of the first (if not the first) AAA gaming experience for mainstream gamers to adopt NFTs.” — Grow Your Base

“We recognise play-to-earn as a catalyst for exposing the underprivileged and unbanked population to the global economy and are thrilled to support Guild of Guardians in accelerating the mainstream adoption of the concept. We believe in meritocracy and want to offer the best GoG players a fair chance at joining a high-tier founders guild. From a business perspective, it’s a no-brainer to invest in the yield generating assets of the play-to-earn game with the best gameplay and in-game economy so far.” — Nonlinear Research

So, what does this mean?

Gaming NFTs are revolutionary for players. As individuals and passionate gamers, we are excited by the future. The level of interest and investment in Guild of Guardians by these prominent organisations in the space showcases that the potential doesn’t stop there.

NFTs unlock revolutionary new mechanics in gaming, in particular the opportunity for 3rd parties who are not the developer to build real, sustainable businesses around the game. Various DAOs and organisations are already taking a step into that direction, and are planning their moves and internal organisational structures in order to make the most of Guild of Guardians while being a positive influence on the economy.

We expect it won’t end there either. The metaverse economy is massive, and we also expect businesses to be built by influencers, content creators, analysts, developers and many more.

You don’t have to be a player to turn your passion for gaming into assets.


The future is bright. If you want to join and have ideas to build and contribute to the metaverse economy, please reach out to us and we will see how we can support!

Do you want to get involved?

Join more than 140,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered:



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