Guild of Guardians 2021: A Year in Review

First Cinematic Trailer: Alone | Guild of Guardians
First ever messages in Guild of Guardians Discord!
Hero collectible (Actual NFT comes with sound!)
Summoning Animation
Initial ‘skeleton’ prototype
Pre-alpha and not final!
  • How do you introduce new NFTs without de-valuing older NFTs?
  • How do you create an economy that is actually sustainable?
  • How do you balance those who just want to earn vs those who are willing to spend?
  • How do you ensure the game does not feel like it’s pay to win, while still letting players freely trade?
  • How do you create a real economy where there are many different ways to play and engage with NFTs?
Guild of Guardian Avatars — Free drop to NFT holders as of 6th Dec
  • Launching Guild of Guardians on mobile with a play-and-earn core loop, starting with closed testing before gradually moving to mainnet
  • Adding new content on top of the core game, whether it’s new modes, heroes or other game features!
  • Building out our team and operational processes to be able to accelerate both our quality and speed of delivery (we’re hiring!)
  • Investing in our community ecosystem structure and incentives, with a focus on empowering builders & contributors who wish to grow alongside us in the Guild of Guardians Metaverse
  • Experimenting with new initiatives and projects and more
  • Announcing and launching some of our biggest partnership to date (!)



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Guild Of Guardians

Guild Of Guardians


Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!