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5 min readFeb 3, 2022


Welcome to Edition #3 of the ‘Guardian Of The Week’ series!

Every week, a special member of the community will be chosen by the team to be featured in the latest edition.

This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love and hard work you have all given to this family.

We appreciate every single person who has contributed, and we hope this series gives everyone an insight into the people that make this community what it is!

There’s one specific trait that stands out about this week’s Guardian of the Week.

No, it’s not his charming good looks, his appearances on Big Brother Canada, or his vibrant Twitch community.

What really stands out about Kapone Gaming (aka Bruno Ielo) is his genuine and friendly nature, which underlies his contributions and dedication to the Guild of Guardians community.

Whether it’s competing on reality TV shows, streaming full-time on Twitch or just talking about GoG, creating meaningful relationships is what motivates and drives Bruno. It’s no coincidence his catchphrase is “beauties” when he acknowledges his friends and fellow community members.

Bruno’s natural ability to connect with others has led to his success and leadership within the Guild of Guardians community. In the true spirit of an Ambassador, Bruno takes to Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok to share his exciting content surrounding GoG and NFT gaming. Notably, Bruno hosts a weekly podcast with other community members, where they discuss everything GoG.

To learn more about his life and inspirations, we caught up with Bruno.

Here’s what he had to say:

How did you discover the P2E gaming space and what led you to get involved with Guild of Guardians?

I’ve always been a gamer. When I heard of the concept of playing games with the potential to earn money at the same time, it just all clicked and made sense. I started with a couple of games but it felt like the fun aspect was missing so I put those down. Then one day I was looking up play to earn games and stumbled upon GOG! It was the day of the Founders sale but I didn’t have any wallets or funds ready and sadly missed it. It’s all good though :)

You were a contestant on the reality TV show, Big Brother, Canada. What inspired you to apply for the show?

I remember watching Big Brother for the first time when I was 15 years old and saying “I would absolutely crush this game”. I’ve always been a very social person and love getting to know people and how they think. The relationships you build in that house become so strong because you have nothing to do in the house but to actually talk and connect with each other. There’s no phones, internet, tv, computers, no pen and paper, nothing at all. Just you and 14 other strangers in a social experiment working together and against each other to see who the last one standing is.

One of the funniest parts about going through the casting process was that nobody was allowed to know I was going to be on the show. I didn’t tell ANYONE! The best part is my entire family watches Big Brother so when they saw the cast reveal and saw my face pop up they were absolutely blown away.

How would you describe your Twitch community?

The Twitch community has been nothing short of amazing! Huge shoutout to those beauties for making it what it is today! When people think of a Twitch community they think I play games and people watch. Yes, some people prefer to just watch and not engage which is totally cool but we are a community-built stream that all play together. We are very chat focused and try to play games that get as many people from the stream involved. We do things off-stream together as well. Saturday night is DnD night which is something I’ve never done before and totally new to me. There are a bunch of GOG players in the community as well which is great to see! We are and always will be a community stream first.

You host a popular Guild of Guardians weekly podcast series. What motivates you to create such content?

I just want to say thank you to everyone that tunes in and watches the podcasts. Big shoutout to WT! I am such a strong believer in GOG and want to bring as many eyes to the project as I can. The amount of positive messages I receive about how much the community is enjoying the podcasts has been incredible and I can’t thank everyone enough. I absolutely love the GOG community and have made so many incredible friends along the way. Knowing that people look forward to tuning in each week to hear what we have to say is more than enough to motivate me to do so.

One thing about me is I’m the kind of person that I’m either all in or all out. I never go into something at 50% and every time someone tells me that they love what we are building, it fuels me to make the next video even better. I know I say this all of the time but the GOG community is absolutely incredible. I can’t say that enough.

When Guild of Guardians is released, what is something you really want to create?

I can’t wait to stream and attempt to build the top Guild Of Guardians Twitch stream! I want to showcase this game and show everyone why this is the game they need to be playing.

I not only want to be the main Twitch stream for GOG but I want to be the main source of information, strategy, and basically, a community hub where people can hang out, discuss GOG or whatever they want. I’m the type of person where I don’t care if it’s your first time playing or you’re the best in the world, you always have a spot to play or hang out. I’m not the biggest fan of the elitist stuff, positive vibes only.

What advice do you have for others who are looking to build genuine relationships within the Guild of Guardians community?

My best advice to those wanting to build those friendships is to go into it without any intention of gaining something from it. Go in and have those genuine conversations and you’ll connect with the people that you connect with, be positive.

There are so many amazing people out there that want to connect with you but maybe they’re a bit shy or don’t know what to say, find a common interest and ask questions :) Let people find out about you naturally through conversation. Also, if you have to tell someone that “you’re the best” that’s not a good ice breaker.

How can people get in touch with you?

The best place is on my Twitch channel where I go live Sunday-Friday starting at 9pm eastern.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

I am always down to chat. If you ever want to reach out, don’t be shy!

We hope you enjoyed our third edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Each week, we’ll introduce a new community member, to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements.

Guardian of the Week is a community-run initiative written and managed by Axiemaid from The GoG Academy. You can follow Axiemaid on Twitter here.

Until next time, Guardians.



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