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8 min readOct 19, 2022

Welcome to Edition #12 of the ‘Guardian of The Week’ series! Every second week, a special community member will be chosen to be featured.

This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love, and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤

We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is!

In this edition, we are honouring Tomahawk — Guild Leader, Council Member, Content Creator, Ambassador, Community Grant recipient, and Community Leader. He is born to be a leader, and he has it all!

As one of the principal names in the community, Tomahawk spearheaded and developed one of the largest community-driven events at Guild of Guardians, the Sandbox X GoG Faction Challenge. Due to the huge success of the event, the community requested he organise another event. And yet again, he delivered another successful event sequel, Faction Challenge #2 — The Eye of Morax.

The creativity, simple gameplay, and vision made it more attractive, especially to players who already love playing Minecraft with a Guild of Guardians twist. What more can you ask for?!

As a guild leader of Oh Canada Eh, he also conducts mini-games within the guild to keep his members occupied while waiting for the game. Let’s get to know more about his unbounded passion and dedication as we introduce him to the Guild of Guardians community.

How did you first get introduced to Guild of Guardians, and what made you stay?

I started investing in crypto early last year without really knowing what the blockchain was. Then I figured I should probably research what I’m investing my hard-earned money in. As I was learning more about the blockchain, that led me to digital asset ownership, NFTs & how I could picture it revolutionising gaming. So I figured I would find a fun blockchain game I would enjoy & test it out. I didn’t find any RTS, FPS, or RPG that I could play, heck I didn’t find many blockchain games at all.

Now I know that it’s because blockchain technology in gaming is so early & it takes lots of time to make a triple A game. Therefore, the game that I found the most appealing for me, even though it wasn’t out yet, was Guild of Guardians! Found it on a top 10 list of upcoming blockchain games. I only realised after the importance of being early on NFT projects lol. Multiple things drew me to guild of Guardians:

  • It’s an action RPG dungeon-crawler that I can play in a Guild with my friends
  • It’s on mobile (which is accessible to most, and those are the only games I’ve had time to play in the last few years)
  • The GOG team has been clear from the start that they want to bring digital ownership to the masses & disrupt the gaming industry (free-to-play, super fun game, let’s go!)
  • The amazing crafting system/concept (members from the guild contribute materials, the item is crafted & automatically sent to the market, and every member who contributed gets a share of the sale… 100% fair)
  • Funding of the project + partnerships announced (Immutable, Ubisoft, YGG, TheSandbox…)

What made me stay? The COMMUNITY

  • The leaders are genuine, helpful & they care so much about the community
  • The GOG team has a clear vision & every decision they have made has been in-line with that vision
  • The members of the community are super passionate & helpful
  • I’ve joined many other communities, but GOG is my favourite

You recently led the second GoG x Sandbox challenge. Can we expect more events in the future?

This has been quite a project that started when I saw The Sandbox & Guild of Guardians partnership announced last year. I did not know what tzhe Sandbox was at the time, but I wanted a LIA character in The Sandbox. So I did my research.

To me, The Sandbox is a mix of Minecraft & Roblox, it is a MetaVerse where anyone can create experiences & assets and share them with the world. And when I say anyone, I mean anyone & everyone. I have zero game-making experience & no dev skills. I enrolled in a Bootcamp, watched some tutorials & started building with a lot of trial & error. It’s fun, time-consuming, and extremely rewarding when you see people playing with your creation and truly enjoying it. Also, a little fun to see them fail & die lol… But ultimately satisfying when they figure it out and try to beat their score over & over again.

The GoG x Sandbox faction challenges were countless hours of building & planning with a lot of supporters. I cannot have done this alone & I’m truly grateful for everyone that got involved in helping out and participating. These are the first two events in a very grand vision of having multiple GOG-themed experiences, challenges & social hubs in The Sandbox. A virtual place where GOG community members can connect, interact, hang out, compete & have fun! Also, a place to onboard newcomers & immerse them in the GOG community. We are always looking for passionate builders to create GOG-themed assets & experiences in The Sandbox & we are very open to expanding our roster. I see a huge potential upside in GOG having a strong presence in The Sandbox. Both projects have a grand vision and a leadership team to make it happen.

You are also the owner of the ‘Oh Canada eh’ guild. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a guild owner?

What started as an investment in a Warrior Guild to be competitive with my friends has led me down the rabbit hole of becoming a Guild owner, GOG Council member, Content Creator, Ambassador, Grant recipient & finally, Community leader. I’ve fully embraced GOG’s vision of disrupting the gaming industry, bringing digital ownership to all mobile RPG gamers, having fun with friends & onboarding millions of players.

Oh, Canada Eh is an inclusive community of members from around the world that share that same passion & vision. We are very Guild of Guardians focused. Everyone is welcome. We have fun monthly activities & challenges, active members are rewarded & we have a good amount of guild spots to fill…

Let me tell you, building a community from scratch is a massive undertaking. The first few months felt like nothing was happening despite all the work. And then, slowly & organically, community members start forming bonds & being more active. And then everyone keeps learning more & more about others and sharing stories & experiences. And ultimately, friendships start to form, and you truly feel a sense of belonging.

Members are super friendly and helpful & we’ve got each other’s back. The idea was to create a community that I would enjoy being a part of. And I think that being genuine, honest, open, available, helpful, vulnerable, and sticking to my values is helping attract others that share the same mindset, vision, values & goals.

So, to answer the question, I would have to say that the most rewarding aspect of community building is watching friendships unfold inside Oh Canada Eh and the greater GOG community, as well as the friendships that I’m continuously creating with some amazing people in the space.

When you aren’t building things for the GoG community, what activities do you like to do in real life?

This is where I let you in and tell you who Tomahawk is…

My actual name is Nicolas, but there are too many Nicks around, so let’s stick to Tomahawk. At first glance, I’m a simple 37-year-old Canadian government worker that likes gaming and sports.

Little known fact, I’m the second oldest in a family of ten kids. Yes, my parents are crazy & extremely hardworking. Yes, I had lots of chores & babysitting duties, unlike my second youngest sibling @ToadManSam ;-P

Under the surface, I’m a positive-minded visionary that loves helping others & enjoys living life to the fullest, YOLO! I’m an introvert that believes that actions speak louder than words, mainly because I’m usually a man of few words.

I’ve only had a few true passions in life that make me feel like anything is possible. My girlfriend is my #1 passion and fan. She is super supportive and right beside me on all my crazy adventures & projects.

Beach volleyball is my #2 passion, and not surprisingly, that is how I met my girlfriend. You’ll find me serving, diving, digging, jumping, spiking & blocking at the beach almost every day in summer!

Travelling would be #3. We love exploring new places around the world and discovering different cultures and activities.

My newest passion is NFTs and blockchain gaming. I love technology and changes that improve our lives. Covid-19 and a broken ankle injury have given me lots of time to do my research and resurface my gaming flame that was dimming because people around me always saw it as unproductive. Play AND Earn, Play AND Own, here we come!!!

Friends and Family are also super important to me and insert themselves harmoniously with the above.

Where do you see Guild of Guardians two years from now?

That’s a dangerous question to ask an optimistic visionary…

In two years, Guild of Guardians will be the best-rated, highest-ranked, most-played mobile RPG on the planet. It will have a player base of over 50 million gamers. It will have the most transactions by volume and amount on IMX. My whole closet will be filled with official GOG merch. “GOG morning” will be as common as “NFT”. Ok, maybe that last one is a little far-fetched lol. Not financial advice.

This won’t just magically happen. 100+ people are working full-time at Immutable + Stepico on this vision, this number will increase (it has already!). There are many die-hard GOG degens voluntarily spending hours each week creating content & promoting GOG any way they can. In 2 years, the GOG Ambassador program will be very well structured and consist of over 1000 qualified leaders using their skills to help GOG bring digital assets to the masses & disrupt the gaming industry.

I’m extremely grateful to be recognised as GOTW amongst some of the most amazing people I have met in the GOG community, many with whom I chat regularly & consider friends. Can’t wait to see where this incredible journey will take us…

How to get in touch with Tomahawk:


Discord: Tomahawk#3813

Oh Canada Eh Discord:

We hope you enjoyed our twelfth edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new community member to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements.

A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind the community-run initiative, Guardian of the Week.

Until next time, Guardians.



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