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Welcome to Edition #11 of the ‘Guardian of The Week series! Every second week, a special community member will be chosen to be featured.

This is our way of acknowledging and celebrating all the contributions, love, and hard work you have all given to this family 🖤

We appreciate every one of you, and we hope this series gives you an insight into the brilliant people that make this community what it is!

In this edition, we are honouring a Guardian that is well known and beloved within the community, MythicChef!

This week, we have had the pleasure to speak to the owner of the most legendary pet, the “Legendary Tamer” himself, and the owner of the Mythic Arkus!

MythicChef is one of our early supporters of Guild of Guardians, joining last year in September. Despite missing out on the Wave 2 sale, he was blessed by the RNGesus with a 1/1 Mythic Edition Arkus! What amazing luck this guy has! He’s become an active and esteemed member of the community, and his presence in the discord chat is indisputable. He’s always there to help answer questions or just stay for a conversation. As Chef and Jester would teasingly say, “We are the chat.” when discord chat isn’t as active.

Additionally, MythicChef has ascended his way to becoming an officer of one of the rare Mythic Guilds. A true avid gamer who likes theory crafting, analysing hidden game systems, and sustaining a competitive advantage. He will become a force to be reckoned with when the game starts.

Here’s what this ingenious and fantastic man has to say:

Tell us about yourself and how you have come to know Guild of Guardians.

Family & friends call me Kyle, and people I game with and work with know me as “chef “. I’m 33 years old and a proud husband and father to a 2-year-old princess. I’ve been a hard-core gamer my whole life, from StarCraft 1 & 2 to Diablo 2 & 3, to World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Path of Exile. But the day I found out my wife was pregnant, I packed up my custom-built gaming pc and put it in the closet.

BUT, gaming didn’t stop there; I just needed something more accessible that didn’t require as much time sitting in a computer chair all day…Something with more strategy and planning involved, so I discovered mobile gaming! I loved it, the freedom to do whatever I wanted while not being tied down to a computer chair for hours on end. But the evil side of these mobile games was the Gacha games and the cash-grab predatory systems they had. It’s always been a dream for gamers to be able to own their assets and trade, sell, and upgrade something that we OWN. Playing Gacha games was just so draining (IFYKYK). Just as I was ready to quit one, of my favourite YouTubers I followed in the game I played started talking about “wth are we doing with these Gacha games — blockchain gaming and asset ownership is the future”. Hearing him talk and doing my research changed my whole perspective. I instantly started looking into what are the top upcoming blockchain mobile games. Of course, Guild of guardians was atop every list, so in September of 2021, I discovered Guild of Guardians, and I’ve never left since.

What is the main reason why you shifted from playing web2 games?

Coming from skins in League of Legends and Path of Exile, to then go into the Gacha gaming world. Every time you “swipe”, you just think to yourself — man, if only there was some justification for doing this. Then you discover web3 and asset ownership, then as if that wasn’t enough to bring you to the light, you hear terms like play to EARN and play and EARN. You think, wait, excuse me? I can own my assets AND EARN?! I know what gamers are willing to spend on games. I’ve lived in this world my whole life. I see an amazing future for web3 blockchain games, and especially Guild of Guardians.

Some know you as the “Legendary Tamer” for having the most legendary pets. What made you so invested in them?

One thing I love about games like this is the ability to break them down to the details and find things that most might not look into. When looking at all the assets, everybody is in love with energy boosters, and sure, I love some energy boosters as well. But then I was thinking, what is the most undervalued asset, and it became clear to me that pets were the answer.

In games like these, you’ll want to get as many hero shards/cubelets, whatever the material/in-game currency may be, the goal is to farm as many of these as possible. Energy boosters only allow someone to use the same team multiple times with less fatigue and stamina loss. But pets are directly tied to the amount of shards/cubelets you get per dungeon. Usually, in these games, you’d want to grind out endless dungeons to try to get as much as you can, but in Guild of Guardians, there’s a limited number of dungeons you can do per day. Gamer gold is an asset that increases what you get with the limited dungeon runs. When hype was at its highs last year, and legendary pets were around 1.25 eth each, I always told myself, man; I wish I bought more when they were 0.3 ETH. Well, the bear market came, and I didn’t want to miss my opportunity this time, so I took my trusty broom and swept, and I look forward to one day finding new homes for my menagerie of pets that need a good home.

NFA, and shameless plug, but there are not even enough legendary pets for each member of all the mythic guilds to have one of each or for one of each epic pet for legendary guild members.

You managed to mint a Mythic Hero! Walk us through your experience.

Everyone was waiting weeks and weeks, losing sleep for ‘wave 3’. It’s 3 am, and I’m at work and get notifications that ‘wave 3’ is live! I ran to my computer with the mindset that I’m going to mint ONLY pets. As I went to mint, they had a restriction that each order was only ten pets and 100 heroes per transaction. I’m panicking, even though I was awake for ‘wave 2’ mints, I missed out on waiting for funds to transfer, and the NFTs sold out so fast.

I didn’t want to miss out again, so last minute, I changed my game plan and minted 100 heroes and ten pets. After I saw the transaction go through, I felt relieved and went back to work. Five hours later, there’s downtime at work, and I go to see what I’ve minted. Scrolling through all 100 heroes, I saw a few warriors, saw a few elites, then I see one hero and think — wow, he’s really shiny. I took a minute to really look at it, and it was a MYTHIC hero! Less than a 0.00051% chance of pulling one of these. I was honestly speechless for a good portion of the day. It was an amazing feeling and experience, and I’m truly blessed and thankful for it.

Not going to lie here; shiny things are cool, but so is money. Lol, I’ve had this listed for sale since the day I got it. When it does sell, I 100% plan on buying a huge, framed monitor that just loops the MP4 of the Mythic Arkus summon and mount it on a wall in my office. Maybe if my menagerie of pets gives enough of a financial return, I’ll decide to hold onto the Mythic Arkus and use it as part of my brand in the Guild of Guardians world. My goal in web3 is no different than playing any other game. The only benefit is that we can own our assets and possibly earn something to help fund our gaming hobbies instead of feeding money to the developers.

Currently ranked 11 as the most active member in GOG discord, how do you manage your time in real life, and what inspires you to be an active community member?

Some people in the crypto/NFT space follow so many projects. I tried to, but it was impossible to keep up. To me, nothing has the potential and team like Guild of Guardians has, and there’s not a project I’m more bullish on, so while some people spread their time in different NFT projects, I’m just here with our community.

Do you have any uncertainties or doubts about the success of web3 gaming? Why or why not?

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen things come together with Guild of Guardians. New UI leaks look clean, vibrant, and inviting. New gameplay leaks look awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and more details of what the economy looks like.

The only uncertainty I have for the future of web3 gaming is crypto regulation and how web3 games will work with the legalities of the Apple and Play Store. To keep it simple and address crypto regulation. I think that adoption and regulation will be inevitable. Crypto is huge, and it’s going to be something governments will want to tax. In a few years, crypto will be a part of our everyday lives. To address the other uncertainty with the Apple and Google Play stores. Apple has already shed some light on this, saying they will allow NFT sales, but they’ll take a 30% cut. We sort of saw this coming, and two ways this will go is Google will do the same thing. Or maybe even do the same but with a lower fee in an attempt to bring iOS mobile gamers over to the android ecosystem. Either way, these companies will want their cut, so I don’t see it being a problem.

It’s very interesting to know that you’re one of the officers in one of the Mythic Guilds. Can you tell us more about your guild and what we can expect from you in-game?

I’m sure everyone’s seen the guild recruitment post. We’re looking to recruit the best. Being in a “mythic guild” is great and all, but most importantly, I just want to be a part of and help lead one of the most competitive teams to climb the leaderboards. I’m blessed to be in a position to help guide our team to be recognised and compete at the top with the best guilds our community is building and all the esports teams that Guild of Guardians just collaborated with.

What recent announcement/leak about Guild of Guardians are you anticipating the most and why?

Well, to reference the new roadmap, I feel like most people would say open alpha. For me, open alpha will come when it comes, the team has already shown great progress, I just want them to produce the best product before it reaches the public eye. What has me most interested is “Universe Expansion “. That’s the one thing that caught my eye when I saw the new road map and had me thinking, “Hmm, what could this be?” I’m looking forward to what surprise that may be.

Aside from gaming, what do you do during your pastime?

If you asked me this question 2 years ago, it would have been going to the driving range with friends, slamming back drinks while getting to see who can hit the ball further, indoor rock climbing, and watching American football, but ever since my daughter was born my world revolves around her.

We like to go on walks/ hiking/explore, blow bubbles, draw on the sidewalk with chalk, hang out with the rest of the family, show my daughter how to cook and grow our food, and if we can’t pick and grow it in our garden, we visit local farms and pick locally.

Looking at the most recent announcements, many new people are flooding in wanting to be part of the Guild of Guardians’ journey. What advice can you give to the newest members of our community?

Man, we’re so early on this huge change in the gaming industry. Part of the reason I have my assets is to be able to play everything, the other part is to hold a piece of founder history. Ten years from now, when Guild of Guardians IP is as big as something like League of Legends, and you can show people you have founder assets, that’s going to be such a cool thing to share.

I also just want to say that 3–5 years from now, when people see your founder assets and tell you, “Wow, you’re so lucky!” Just know it’s not luck. I applaud every single person in our community who’s holding during the crypto winter. You are the real core and believers in our community. Luck was me minting a mythic, that’s easy and requires no effort. I have so much more respect for the people who believed, bought, and held assets in the hard times. I can’t wait to compete with everyone, and I look forward to the future friendships that are a way in our community.

If anyone wants to connect with you, where can they find you?

I’m ALWAYS on discord, don’t be shy. Come to say Hi! I’d love to see people come out of the shadows and join our community.

Discord: MythicChef#1915

We hope you enjoyed our eleventh edition of ‘Guardian of the Week’. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new community member to acknowledge and celebrate their valuable contributions and achievements.

A very special thanks to Bayrd and Firebolt, who are the driving force behind the community-run initiative, Guardian of the Week.

Until next time, Guardians.



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