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6 min readFeb 24, 2022

A community initiative. Built by the community, for the community.


Bot the Builder & his team are hard at work on building the GOG HQ social hub in The Sandbox Metaverse when all of a sudden the entire world is being infested with Zombies, Walkers and other weird undead creatures. Some say they teleported over from The Walking Dead series.

As a Guardian apprentice, you have been chosen to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of defeating the invaders and rescuing the worker bots!

You may decide to go in, get the job done and get out. Or perhaps you want to explore every corner of the GOG HQ under construction or attempt the challenge over & over again to perfect your score (lowest time, most kills, fewer deaths) Or maybe you’ll be too scared to attempt anything. The choice is yours, your journey as a Guardian is unique and begins right now!

What will you need to participate in this faction challenge?

  • Access to a PC (Windows)
  • Access to the internet and a browser (ideally Chrome)
  • A MetaMask wallet (Chrome extension)
  • A Sandbox account/Avatar (linked to your MetaMask and an email address)
  • Download and install GameMaker (completely free)

Note: If you do not have a PC with the required specs (MAC user, cell phone only, PC is too old), you can participate in the Twitter challenge (see Prize pool #3 below)

How to access the challenge?

Watch the Youtube video on how to access GoG HQ in TheSandbox:

Or follow these written steps:

Step 1: Create a MetaMask wallet

If you don’t have one, watch this video:

Step 2: Connect your MetaMask to The Sandbox + Create an account

  • You should get a prompt from the MetaMask browser extension asking you to sign a signature request that will allow MetaMask to log you into The Sandbox. Click the Sign button on this prompt.
  • Now you will be asked to enter an email address and a username. Do this then click the button labelled Create Account. You may be asked to create a password to access the GameMaker, please do so as well.

There you have it — your MetaMask is now connected to The Sandbox!

Step 3: Create your Sandbox Avatar

  • Select “Avatar” from your profile menu (top right)
  • Create your Avatar using the “Avatar creator”, then click on “Save changes”

Step 4: Download & access Sandbox GameMaker

  • Select the “CREATE” button (left banner) + Game Maker “Download” button.
  • Extract the downloaded file, then “run as administrator”
  • Go through the installation process — pretty straightforward (the GameMaker is currently only available for Windows)
  • Access the GameMaker by clicking the shortcut created on your desktop
  • Enter your Username and password then click ‘LOGIN’

Step 5: Find and play “GOG HQ”

  • Once you log into the GameMaker with your Sandbox username and password, select the “Draft Gallery” tab — top right
  • Then find “GOG HQ” in the Gallery (unfortunately there is currently no search option). It should be around page 522 or further (as of Feb 22nd, 2022) — Visit GOG Discord for the daily updated page or use this 3rd party search tool (Game Directory Tab — Search “GOG HQ” or “Tomahawk”)

Step 6: Complete the “Save GOG HQ” challenge (right portal), take a picture of the Victory screen and submit your results!

  • If you are new to The Sandbox, we suggest you complete the optional Tutorial quest (turn left and go down the stairs when you spawn)
  • If not (or once you are done the tutorial), access the Portal to the right “Save GOG HQ”
  • Important — Make sure to speak to the 2 quest givers to activate both quests of this challenge
  • Have fun exploring GOG HQ and completing the challenge!!!
  • Take a picture/screenshot of your Victory screen
  • Complete the following form and submit it: https://forms.gle/YPmeBafbZMDUoXR4A

The Deadline to complete the challenge and submit the form is Monday, March 7th, 2022 11:59 pm EST

Prizes for participating

Prize pool #1 = 5000 GOG tokens

  • 1st place faction 45% of total prize pool (23 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)
  • 2nd place faction 30% of total prize pool (15 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)
  • 3rd place faction 25% of total prize pool (12 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)

To be eligible for this prize & to help your faction out with the overall participation score, you must absolutely fill out and submit the completion challenge form above (which includes taking a screenshot of your victory screen)

Just for fun: Give us your best pose when you reach the Victory screen!

Any additional feedback you provide will be extremely helpful in continuing to build the GOG HQ social hub and for future challenges.

Prize pool #2 = Guild of Guardians Shield NFT — Priceless (usable in The Sandbox only)

  • 1 of 1 Mythic
  • 2% Elite
  • 10% Warrior
  • All others Normal

Minted and distributed at a later date to all players who completed the “Save GOG HQ” Challenge. Will NEVER be available again (total supply based on total participants!).

Prize pool #3 = 1000 GOG tokens

  • 1st place faction 45% of total prize pool (9 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)
  • 2nd place faction 30% of total prize pool (6 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)
  • 3rd place faction 25% of total prize pool (5 random winners of 50 GOG tokens each)

If you are unable to complete the “Save GOG HQ” Challenge in The Sandbox for any reason (MAC user, cell phone only, PC is too old, other), this Twitter contest is for you:

Simply re-Tweet the GOG X SANDBOX Challenge post using the hashtag #GOGxSANDBOX and one of the following hashtags based on your GOG Discord allegiance

  • #ForTheGlade
  • #ForTheEmpire
  • #ForTheHorde

The Deadline for the GOG x SANDBOX faction challenge as well as the Twitter contest is Monday, March 7th, 2022 11:59 pm EST

If you have any questions or need any help with the steps involved, please ask in the #support-tsb channel in the official GOG Discord under GOG SANDBOX HQ category.

Thank you for participating and providing valuable feedback.

Good luck, Guardians.



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