GOG x SANDBOX Faction Challenge #2 — Eye of Morax

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3 min readJun 9, 2022

A community initiative. Built by the community, for the community.


We are extremely grateful for all the Guardian apprentices that helped clear GOG HQ from the zombies in Faction Challenge #1. The builders can now get back to work on creating a social hub for our fantastic GOG community!

This is a perfect time to continue your training as a Guardian and test your skills in the Morax Stadium. Over the next little while, you will experience three difficulty levels of one of the Guardian’s favourite sports — Eye of Morax. This mini-game is simple enough: score the required amount of balls in the lava… There may be obstacles in your way… but you are Guardian material, right?!

Estimate time frame of events (actual dates will be posted in GOG Discord):

Eye of Morax (easy) — June 2022

Eye of Morax (medium) — July 2022

Eye of Morax (hard) — August 2022

What will you need to participate in this faction challenge?

  • Access to a PC or MAC (Yes, MAC users can now participate)
  • Access to the internet and a browser (ideally Chrome)
  • A MetaMask wallet (Chrome extension)
  • A Sandbox account/Avatar (linked to your MetaMask and an email address)
  • Download and install GameMaker (completely free)

How to access the challenge?

Follow the steps previously provided in the GOG x SANDBOX Faction Challenge #1:

Find and play “GOG HQ” in The Sandbox GameMaker Gallery

  • Once you log into the GameMaker with your Sandbox username and password, select the “Draft Gallery” tab — top right
  • Then find “GOG HQ” in the Gallery (unfortunately there is currently no search option). It should be around page 710 or further (as of June 9th, 2022) — Visit GOG Discord for the daily updated page or use this 3rd party search tool (Game Directory Tab — Search “GOG HQ” or “Tomahawk”)

Complete the “Eye of Morax” quest (left portal), take a picture of the Victory screen and submit your results (see form below)!

If you are new to The Sandbox, we suggest you start by completing the optional Tutorial quest (turn left and go down the stairs when you spawn)

Prizes for participating

Prize pool #1 = 5000 GOG tokens (will be awarded once all 3 difficulty levels have been completed)

  • 1st place faction 45% of total prize pool (23 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)
  • 2nd place faction 30% of total prize pool (15 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)
  • 3rd place faction 25% of total prize pool (12 random winners of 100 GOG tokens each)

To be eligible for this prize & to help your faction out with the overall participation score, you must absolutely:

  • Take a screenshot of your victory screen
  • Complete the Eye of Morax — easy form and submit it (a different form will be available for each difficulty event)
  • Join a faction in the GOG Discord!
  • Each participant can submit one form/entry per difficulty level

Prize pool #2 — fastest Guardian = 1000 GOG tokens per difficulty level (total 3000 GOG tokens)

  • Top 10 fastest times per difficulty level will receive a share of 1000 GOG tokens

To be eligible for this prize, make a tweet including the following:

  • A link to the screen recording/video of your entire challenge run (from lobby to Victory screen)
  • A screenshot of your Victory screen
  • Tag @TheSandboxGame & @GuildofGuardian
  • HashTag #GOGxSANDBOX
  • The required amount of balls must be destroyed in the lava to qualify

If you have any questions or need any help with the steps involved, please ask in the #sandboxhq_challenge channel in the official GOG Discord.

Thank you for participating and providing valuable feedback.

Good luck, Guardians.

This is a community-run initiative developed by Tomahawk 🖤



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