Announcing Wave 2 Of Our NFT Founder Sale. With A Twist.

What’s for sale in this Wave?

We are excited to be selling both Founder Epic Heroes, and Founder Energy Boosters in this Wave. The total pools of both are:

  • 35,000* Epic Heroes at $55 each ($44 with early bird discount)
  • 15,000* Energy Boosters at $150 each ($120 with early bird discount)
Will you summon Elohatt?

Gas Wars, what we’re doing to avoid them, and why this is a good solution for the majority

Anyone who has experience with NFT drops, sales, and a mass of people trying to complete transactions for assets on Layer One will be familiar with the dreaded outrageous Gas fees that often come hand and hand with the process. Gas Wars are not in anyone’s interest, and we’ve thought long and hard on a pragmatic way of avoiding them.

  • 7000 Epic Hero Summons
  • 3000 Energy Boosters
  • Epic Hero Summons will cost $50 USD each (0.015 ETH)
  • Energy Boosters will cost $135 USD each (0.04 ETH)


Question: Why not sell on Immutable X?

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Guild Of Guardians


Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!