Announcing Wave 2 Of Our NFT Founder Sale. With A Twist.

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5 min readSep 3, 2021

Wen Sale!?!?!

Thank you for your collective patience, Guardians. We know you’re all excited to participate in the second wave of our NFT Founder Sale. It’s humbling and deeply motivating for everyone at Guardian HQ to see how overwhelmingly positive and engaged everyone is.

We don’t take it for granted.

With that in mind! We are excited to announce the details of Wave Two of our NFT Founder Sale.

What’s for sale in this Wave?

We are excited to be selling both Founder Epic Heroes, and Founder Energy Boosters in this Wave. The total pools of both are:

  • 35,000* Epic Heroes at $55 each ($44 with early bird discount)
  • 15,000* Energy Boosters at $150 each ($120 with early bird discount)

Prices are calculated in USD but paid on Ethereum Mainnet (e.g. Metamask will work).

*The Guild of Guardians team will mint an additional 10% of the purchased amount to be used as future rewards and gift aways.

Will you summon Elohatt?

Gas Wars, what we’re doing to avoid them, and why this is a good solution for the majority

Anyone who has experience with NFT drops, sales, and a mass of people trying to complete transactions for assets on Layer One will be familiar with the dreaded outrageous Gas fees that often come hand and hand with the process. Gas Wars are not in anyone’s interest, and we’ve thought long and hard on a pragmatic way of avoiding them.


As a rule of thumb we will always act in the best interests of our early adopters, active community members, and provable long-term believers. We will be reserving 20% of the total allocation of Wave Two NFTs for our existing community members.

It is important for us to balance rewarding existing and active community members with the ability to bring in new members which grows the overall ecosystem. The 20% figure is an adequate sweet spot that we feel ticks both of those boxes.


With the aforementioned Gas Wars situation in mind, we have made the executive decision NOT to announce a specific date and time for when we are officially live with Wave Two. We will drop clues on our socials, and in our Discord in the lead-up. Doing this discourages botting, nefarious activity, and it actually ensures that more honest and genuine buyers end up with NFTs. We will not be disclosing the smart contract or website prior to the sale.


Purchased NFTs will be immediately minted onto Immutable X, a gas-free layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum NFTs.. This means you do NOT need to pay for the gas-fees of minting a NFT on layer 1, which can get quite expensive. We are serious about the accessibility of our Play-And-Earn model, and this is just one of the compelling products we have at our disposal to overall enhance your playing, buying, and trading experiences.


We have a shopping cart system that means you pay one gas fee for your entire transaction, regardless of the number of NFTs purchased. If you’re unaware how this works — say you were to buy 20 Epic Heroes in Wave Two, you would pay one Gas Fee to complete the transaction, saving on 19 separate Gas hits. For context, to put it in $$ terms, at the time of writing that shopping cart would have saved you 0.228ETH ($760USD!!) at 80 GWEI. All praise to the shopping cart!

Early Adopter Reservation Pool

Our vision with the early adopter reservation pool is to reward early members of the community by giving them a stress-free way to ensure they can get NFTs in the next founder sale. This is an experiment from us as we continue to refine our drop systems.

How many are available to early adopters?

We are reserving 20% of all Wave 2 products for our early adopters. Broken down, this means:

  • 7000 Epic Hero Summons
  • 3000 Energy Boosters

Is there a limit on the number of NFTs I can reserve?

You may apply to reserve as many as you want. However, there will likely be a limit on the final number of reservations granted per community member based on the demand we get. If there is too much demand, we may randomly allocate some portion of these early adopter reserved NFTs.

How much will it cost?

Early adopters will receive a ~10% discount on the sale price of founder NFTs.

  • Epic Hero Summons will cost $50 USD each (0.015 ETH)
  • Energy Boosters will cost $135 USD each (0.04 ETH)

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you were in our Discord group or followed us on Twitter prior to 1st Sep 2021 then you are eligible to apply. (Or both)

From there, we will give priority to early adopters who have been in the community for longer periods of time, and / or have shown to be active contributors.

PLEASE NOTE: Activity beyond this date will not count, as we do not want users to try to ‘game’ the system.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form before Tuesday 7th September 5pm AEST.

How will I pay if I am successful in my application?

Successful applicants must manually transfer the correct amount of Ethereum to one of our two secure wallet addresses. Beware this is a trust based payment. If you transfer from the wrong address, transfer the wrong amount, or do not pay in time, then we will likely not be able to validate your purchase.

When will I receive the reserved NFT?

We are working on a NFT distribution system on Immutable X which will take some time, so please be aware that reserved NFTs won’t be distributed for a month or two.


Question: Why not sell on Immutable X?

The smart contracts and the system we built for the founder sale were completed before Immutable X was live, so changing those mechanics, and implementing a sale system in the latter would take both significant scope and time.

We have decided to instead focus those engineering resources on building a world-class mobile game and building future product features that utilise the Gas Free potential of Immutable X, rather than rebuilding a functional founder sale.

Question: Why not sell everything via a raffle or reservation system?

We decided not to sell everything via a reservation system because we still want to allow many new members to join the GOG community, which ultimately will make the game more successful.

We decided not to use queues and raffles, so that we can focus engineering resources on our longer-term roadmap, rather than trying to rebuild a functional founder NFT sale system.

We will certainly explore more creative ways to distribute NFTs in the future and community input is always welcome here! Stay tuned for more, and keep up to date with our Twitter and Discord for last minute details!

We’re excited to see you all at Wave Two!


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