Announcing the Guild of Guardians Token Public Sale on Coinlist

  • Genuinely fun mobile RPG gameplay: Guild of Guardians will be fun and compelling. We plan to have a combination of action RPG, deep strategy, a dynamic trading economy metagame, and social focused gameplay that will keep players engaged for years.
  • Play-and-earn mechanics: There will be a deep and sustainable economy within Guild of Guardians where players can play for free and earn both NFTs and tokens. Just like any fluid real world economy, you can choose how you want to specialise or play within the dynamic Guild of Guardians Economy.
  • Huge interest in Wave One of the Guild of Guardians Founder Sale: The team behind the game sold nearly $5M USD in NFTs in Wave One of our NFT Founder Sale, which was open to early members of the community. There are more waves to come.
  • Token-powered economy: The Guild of Guardians token is the driver behind the economy. Players earn tokens from playing, and importantly, they must also spend these tokens to mint new NFTs. A portion of all game revenue will also go back to token holders via active staking rewards.
  • Industry-leading community metrics: More than 140k people are pre-registered for our game. There are nearly 90,000 people in our official Discord channel, and we have another 75,000 followers on Twitter.



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Guild Of Guardians

Guild Of Guardians


Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico. Turn your passion for gaming into Assets!