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3 min readSep 6, 2021

‘A crypto project is only as strong as the community that supports it’ — Confucius (508 B.C)

🎉 We are delighted to announce the official launch of our Guild of Guardians ambassador program! 🎉

With our Discord and Twitter accounts both hurtling towards 60,000 people, and with more than 150k on our pre-registration list, Guild of Guardians is perfectly positioned to make the leap as the pioneering mobile NFT game globally.

However, as Confucius wisely pointed out, projects that don’t have the backing of a supportive and believing community, will often fall flat before the race has even begun.

With that in mind, we are launching the Guild of Guardians Ambassador Program, where we are looking to onboard willing, keen, and avid supporters of the project to continue spreading the word of the project, and the many benefits of being part of the community at this pre live-ops stage.

What are we looking for?

We are looking to bring on ambassadors in the following streams:

  • Content Creators
  • Managers/Translators for non-English speaking communities
  • Graphic Designers
  • Twitter Tribe

What criteria makes a compelling ambassador?

  • Apply if you are: A gamer, a leader, an influencer, or an expert in blockchain gaming & NFTs
  • Passionate in managing a global community
  • Good at content creation (graphics, videos, written contents etc.)
  • Passionate about play-AND-earn and the blockchain gaming ecosystem
  • Interested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets, NFTs and the blockchain space

Main Duties of an ambassador?

  • Promote GOG through meetups and AMAs
  • Create compelling content. As the GOG community grows, we’ll have a need for blog posts, documents, and other content translated into a number of languages. We’re especially interested in English, Mandarin, Korean, German, Spanish, French, and Russian speakers (among other languages)
  • Be an alpha/beta tester for the GOG iOS/Android Game
  • Go global by helping us manage our online communities in various languages and on various channels (Discord, Reddit, Telegram (TBC))
  • Complete ad-hoc tasks like translating blog posts, create cool swag and virtual stickers, and help build out our website among other things. Of course there are plenty of rewards to win!
  • Collaborate with local gaming enthusiasts, organizations and university groups to co-host events

How do I apply?

  • Fill out this form: if you are interested in applying. We expect this to be fairly competitive, and we will respond to those we are interested in advancing via Email.
  • Please note — there are a capped number of slots for each position. These are designed to be competitive, and applying doesn’t guarantee a spot in the program, unfortunately.


You’ll find out if selected :)

Speak soon! And good luck 🧙🏽‍♂️

Do you want to get involved?

Join more than 290,000 (!) other Guardians who are in our community:

  • Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!
  • Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!



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