A first look at the Guild of Guardians NFT collectibles founder sale

** N.b: This article is designed to provide the community high level insights into our NFT sale . The figures and dates listed here are subject to change**

We’ve teased you all in our Discord channel and on our socials about the Guild of Guardians NFT sale…

It is your opportunity to purchase and own rare and exclusive founder NFT collectibles which you can trade and collect. These gaming NFT collectibles will be playable in Guild of Guardians when the mobile game is launched around early 2022.

Gather your Guild and fight together!

Here is a high level overview of how the sale will actually work.

The basics

When our sale goes live, you will have the opportunity to buy a number of different NFT collectibles. The main thing to note is that gaming NFT collectibles being sold will be exclusive, and can never be bought or made again after the sale period is finished. Purchases will be carried out using smart contracts on Ethereum to ensure the randomness is transparent and auditable.

NFTs bought in the sale will not be available immediately, but will be minted into Immutable X at a later date. This is to significantly reduce gas fees for the buyer and to allow for gas-free trading. Note that serial numbers are not assigned upon purchase but will be randomly assigned upon minting. Earlier buyers will have a higher probability of getting a lower serial number, but then again maybe the very last buyer will get that #1!

When is the sale going live, and what will be available?

It is the million dollar question!

We are currently aiming to launch the first phase of the Guild of Guardians NFT collectibles sale in the first half of Q2. We will be releasing the sale in waves, which means that we aren’t selling everything in one hit.

Who is the mysterious wielder of the blade?

Before the go-live of each wave, we will announce the total cap of NFTs being sold in that wave, and how many of that cap we’re selling overall. We want to be transparent so that you can be empowered to make the best decision possible around when, where, and how much you wish to purchase — based on your own personal circumstances.

Am I going to be rewarded for being an early adopter?

Generally speaking, the founder sale is designed to slightly incentivise earlier supporters. For example, there will be an early bird discount which decreases as more NFT collectibles are bought. In addition there is a slightly higher chance of getting a low serial number if you bought earlier. With that being said, the presale will be relatively balanced. We aren’t looking to get buyers to FOMO in (in other words there won’t be massive ramp pricing where early buyers dump on later buyers). We are looking for genuine supporters of the project who believe in our long-term vision.

So, what are we selling?

The second million dollar question!

Guild of Guardians will be selling the following:

In the interests of intrigue, mystery, and so as to not bombard you with information, we are saving the information on these above four categories for a series of separate, in-depth pieces. That includes the respective cost of specific NFT collectibles. We would be here for weeks if we tried to mush that all into this one article.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on our Discord, and on our social media channels for those explainer pieces, and for more updates on specific dates, times, and other details.

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You want to get involved?

Join more than 114,000 (!) other Guardians who have pre-registered:

  • Drop your email on our website to get early access to the presale (look out for our new website coming soon!)
  • Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!
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We are excited to share this journey with you.



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