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Guild Of Guardians

This article serves as a quick summary of the Guild of Guardians founder sale.

What is available for purchase?

1 — HEROES (Full details here)

We’re excited to reveal some of the heroes which will be sold in the founder sale, and explain why we don’t want them to just be JPGs, but to be aesthetic gaming NFT collectibles.

Who is ready to summon!?

Where are gaming NFTs headed?

To date, most gaming NFT projects have not paid much attention to the presentation of their NFTs. The focus has been on the in-game utility that those NFTs have, rather than on their aesthetics. Which makes sense — they are focusing on building a good game!

Which led us to ask the question:

Why can’t gaming NFTs look as good as…

We are excited to announce that Guild of Guardians will be working closely with Ubisoft advisors to build a title that transforms the gaming industry.

Our project, Guild of Guardians, has been selected for the exclusive Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Labs Season Six program.

The program, led by Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, supports startups creating products and services that have the potential to transform the entertainment industry.

Virginie Haas, Chief Studios Operating Officer at Ubisoft, and sponsor of this sixth season, explained her excitement at bringing Guild of Guardians and other projects into the program.

“We are very proud to be welcoming…

Guild of Guardians is delighted to announce a unique partnership with The Sandbox where we will be building out the Metaverse, and releasing characters which can be played across BOTH universes.

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet.

Ready Player One is coming sooner than we had imagined.

One day, you will be able to explore a massive open world galaxy, party at a metaverse club, race collectible cars and fight evil orcs…

IMPORTANT: No Gems have been minted yet. Do NOT attempt to buy anything marketed as Guild of Guardian Gems until an official announcement has been made.


Gems are the in-game currency that will be used in Guild of Guardians. You can find out more information about them here:

Initial Gem Distribution

The team behind Guild of Guardians believe in the power of building a community. That is why we are working with Guardians Corporation to give away 275,000 Gems FOR FREE to anyone who buys NFTs in our Founder Sale. This represents ~1.4%

We are releasing a Share to Earn program (or referral program) ahead of the upcoming Founder NFT sale, to reward the community of Guild of Guardians. All rewards occur automatically via smart-contracts!

How does it work

Alternatively you can generate your own link here using this template:

Guilds will be available for purchase in the Guild of Guardians NFT Founder Sale

TL;DR Summary

Pets and Energy Boosters will be sold in the Guild of Guardians Founder Sale

Will you be lucky enough to pull this Legendary Cadmus?

TL;DR Summary

We are announcing information on the Heroes that will be sold in the founder NFT sale.

Could you summon a Legendary Lia?

TL;DR Summary

Dear Guardians!

It’s time for an update, and we have a LOT to drop here for you all.

Read on for a recount of what we’ve done so far, and to feast your eyes on some major

By The Numbers

So far, we’ve had over 130,000 players who have pre-registered for the game. That is nuts. We’ve also got more than 34,000 Twitter followers, and a rapidly growing Discord community of nearly 8,000 people.

Gameplay Footage

You have asked, and we are here to deliver. Our team is excited for you to see this pre-Alpha gameplay footage for yourselves. …

Guild Of Guardians

Guild Of Guardians is a blockchain mobile RPG published by Immutable, and developed by Stepico.

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